The Medium Guide

The Medium Guide provides a full walkthrough and helpful tips for puzzles and exploration, a Beginner\’s Guide, and a Trophy Guide, including all secrets and collectibles. It also includes system requirements and controls/keybindings.

The guide offers vital information about The Medium. It includes controls, system requirements, and the game\’s length.

Additionally, it provides assistance in obtaining the platinum trophy. We have created pages that describe all available trophies in detail, helping you to achieve them efficiently.

A FAQ section is also available, which answers many questions about the game, such as whether it has different language options or whether you can play it on PS4/PS5.

The guide also includes a detailed walkthrough, which covers all the story-related items and puzzles that could block your progress in the game.

A significant portion of the guide is devoted to the game\’s secrets and collectibles. Our guide shows where to find each individual secret and how to acquire them all, organized by type to make them easier to locate.

  • The Medium: All main missions
  • The Medium: Secrets and collectibles
  • The Medium: Trophies and platinum
  • The Medium: Game\’s length
  • The Medium: PC system requirements
  • The Medium: Game editions
  • The Medium: Briefly about the game

The Medium: All main missions

The main objectives are the core of the game. There are no side missions or distractions. The following list contains all the missions you need to complete to finish the game:

  1. Jack\’s apartment
  2. Funeral home
  3. Journey to the hotel
  4. Encounter with Sadness
  5. Thomas\’ office
  6. A secret room
  7. First Escape
  8. Passage to the other side of the mirror
  9. On the other side of the mirror
  10. Enter the Dayroom
  11. Dayroom
  12. Richard\’s House
  13. Nature park Niwa
  14. Ruins
  15. Workshop
  16. Red House
  17. Thomas\’ house
  18. Basement
  19. Thomas\’ apartment

The Medium: Secrets and collectibles

Our guide offers a detailed description of all the collectibles and secrets available in The Medium, divided into types to help you locate them more quickly.

  1. Postcards
  2. Echoes of a mysterious caller
  3. Mentor\’s diary
  4. Echoes
  5. Memory Shards
  6. Eerie Drawings

The Medium: Trophies and platinum

Our guide provides detailed descriptions of every trophy found in The Medium. The game has 39 achievements related primarily to the plot and secrets.

You can find our achievement guide on a separate page – Achievements.

The Medium: Game\’s length

The Medium emphasizes the plot, and the game isn\’t long, taking approximately 8 to 10 hours to complete.

For more information about the game\’s length, refer to the Game\’s length page.

The Medium: PC System Requirements

  1. To play The Medium on your PC, you need to have a 64-bit Windows 10 operating system.
  2. Your processor should either be an Intel Core i5-6600 3.3 GHz or an AMD Ryzen 5 2500X 3.6 GHz.
  3. Your PC should have at least 8 GB of RAM.
  4. The game requires a graphics card with a GeForce GTX 1060 / 4 GB Radeon R9 390X.
  5. You need 50 GB of available disk space to install The Medium.
  6. The graphics card memory should be at least 4 GB.

These are the minimum system requirements to play The Medium on your PC. You can find more detailed information about the recommended system requirements on the System Requirements page.

The Medium: Game Editions

The Medium is only available in the standard version, but pre-order bonuses include the original game soundtrack and a digital artbook.

  1. Original game soundtrack
  2. Digital artbook

You can find more information about the game editions and their prices on the Game Editions page.

The Medium: Overview of the Game

The Medium was created by Bloober Team and is set in an abandoned hotel called Niwa in the 1990s. You will control Marianne for most of the game, but you will also explore the dark world as other characters.

The game has fixed camera angles, which builds suspense and ensures that you see the world as the developers intended. However, this does not hinder exploration or searching for collectibles.

One of the game\’s main mechanics is moving between two worlds. Sometimes you move suddenly to the other dimension, and other times you will explore two areas simultaneously. These sections look like they\’re played on split-screens, but instead of two characters, there\’s a normal and \”spiritual\” version of the location. Both versions affect each other, so you must explore them carefully to solve puzzles and discover passages.


What is The Medium Guide?

The Medium Guide is a comprehensive online resource for Medium writers and readers alike. It offers tips, tricks, and advice on how to utilize the platform to its fullest potential, as well as insights into the Medium community and its culture. The guide covers topics such as how to write engaging content, how to grow your audience, and how to monetize your work. It also includes a directory of Medium publications and writers to follow, as well as interviews with successful Medium authors. Whether you\’re new to Medium or a seasoned veteran, The Medium Guide is a valuable tool for improving your writing and maximizing your potential on the platform.

How can The Medium Guide help me as a writer?

The Medium Guide offers a wealth of resources and information to help writers succeed on the platform. It provides tips and advice on everything from crafting compelling headlines to optimizing your content for search engines. The guide also covers topics such as how to build a following, how to engage with readers, and how to monetize your work. Additionally, it offers insights into the Medium community and its culture, helping writers better understand the platform and its users. By utilizing the resources and advice provided by The Medium Guide, writers can improve their craft, grow their audience, and increase their earnings potential.

What makes The Medium Guide different from other writing resources?

Unlike other writing resources, The Medium Guide is specifically tailored to the Medium platform and its unique culture. It offers insights into the Medium community and its users, helping writers better understand how to engage with their audience and build a following. Additionally, the guide provides information on how to monetize your work on Medium, which is not often covered by other writing resources. The Medium Guide also includes a directory of Medium publications and writers to follow, making it easy for writers to find and connect with others in their niche. Overall, The Medium Guide is a comprehensive and invaluable resource for anyone looking to succeed on the Medium platform.

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