The Medium: Dayroom – A Comprehensive Guide

This is a walkthrough for the Dayroom stage of The Medium game. The following guide provides a detailed description of all the necessary interactions required to complete this level. The walkthrough includes a step-by-step guide to examining various items and putting them together. Additionally, it also includes some minor interactions that will help you understand the game\’s plot and increase your immersion level.

  • Sheet music – 1st piece
  • Equator
  • Sheet music – 3rd piece
  • Globe
  • Sheet music – 2nd piece
  • Piano
  • Room

Sheet music – 1st piece

To begin with, open the dayroom door and look around for quest-related items and other secrets. For more information on locating echoes, mentor\’s diary, and memory shards, refer to the separate pages in our guide.

You must go to the end of the corridor to cut the skin that blocks the passage. You can use the razor you found earlier for this purpose.

One of the memory shards is located right at the beginning of the Dayroom stage. To examine it, check the drip bag hanging next to the table with plants. Simply look at it and put the memory together.

You will find sheet music in the dayroom that you need to put together. Begin with the piece of paper lying on the wooden chair in the corner. Pick up the first part and place it in your inventory.


Next, proceed to a room that only your spirit form can enter, where you will find some valuable items.

Pick up the item on the cabinet to the left. The \”equator\” will be useful in the next part of the task. After thoroughly inspecting the room, return to the main area as the real-world version of Marianne.

Sheet music – 3rd piece

You will find another part of the sheet music on a wooden desk on the right side of the room. You can combine the papers right away.


To proceed further, you need to get to the next part of the room where you will find a globe, which you need to continue with the plot.

Approach the globe and place the \”equator\” part on it.

Your task is to arrange the three parts to form a face. If done correctly, another branch will appear, allowing you to walk on the other branches.

Your objective is to move the obstacles in order to exit the balcony. It\’s a simple task; just keep rotating the globe until you spot the slot on the left.

Proceed through the balcony to the following room where you will find a crucial item that is required to advance the story.

Inside the room, you will encounter a power source and a piano. However, you won\’t be able to utilize it until you have the complete set of sheet music. Go to the right and examine the desk.

You will discover a key that is essential for unlocking the teacher\’s room.

Sheet music – 2nd piece

Take the key and proceed to the dayroom. The door to the teacher\’s room is locked – use the key to unlock it.

Head straight to the desk. There, you will find the final part of the sheet music.

You now have all three sections – combine them in your inventory.


Once you have the complete sheet, return to the room with the piano.

Place the sheet music on the piano. This will generate a source of energy – draw it.

You will require it to proceed.

After collecting the energy, cut the skin that is blocking the path to the right. This will allow you to quickly return to the main room.


Move to the next staircase. Create a spirit shield immediately to avoid the moths. Use the stairs and go down to the lower floor.

You must examine three memory shards: on the painting, on the doll, and on the bow.

After examining them, a wheelchair will appear – inspect it. This will activate the next segment of the story.


What is Dayroom in The Medium?

Dayroom is a location in the game The Medium, which is a psychological horror game developed by Bloober Team. It is a place where the protagonist, Marianne, can rest and recharge her energy. The Dayroom is a safe haven for Marianne where she can escape the horrors of the Niwa Resort. The Dayroom is also a place where Marianne can interact with other characters in the game, including Thomas, her mentor, and Sadness, a ghost girl that Marianne encounters throughout the game. Players can explore the Dayroom and find hidden items that can help them progress through the game.

How do I complete the Dayroom walkthrough in The Medium?

To complete the Dayroom walkthrough in The Medium, players need to explore the room and interact with objects and characters. The first objective is to talk to Thomas, who will give Marianne a task to complete. The task involves finding a way to enter the Niwa Resort\’s main building. To do this, players need to find a key that is hidden in the Dayroom. The key is located in a drawer near the bed. Once players have the key, they need to use it to unlock the door that leads to the Niwa Resort\’s main building. After entering the main building, players need to solve puzzles and defeat enemies to progress through the game. The Dayroom is a crucial part of the game, as it provides players with a safe space to rest and recharge before facing the horrors of the Niwa Resort.

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