The Meaning of the Number in the Lower Right Corner of the Screen in Metro Exodus

A Comprehensive Guide and Walkthrough to Metro Exodus

At certain points in the game, players may notice a series of numbers appearing in the lower right corner of the screen in Metro Exodus. These numbers may seem mysterious, leading some players to believe they hold significance in terms of the game\’s narrative or hidden secrets. However, the truth behind these numbers is much simpler than you might expect.

Essentially, the numbers in question are random and serve only to indicate the distance that has been covered since the start of the game in Moscow. As players traverse the Aurora, the numbers will continue to change until the end of the game is reached. While it may be tempting to read more into these numbers, they hold no real bearing on the plot or gameplay of Metro Exodus.


1. What does the number in the lower right corner of the screen mean in Metro Exodus?

The number in the lower right corner of the screen in Metro Exodus represents the current time of day in the game. It is displayed in a 24-hour format and changes as you progress through the game. The time of day affects various aspects of the gameplay, including the behavior of enemies and the availability of certain quests and activities. For example, some enemies may be more active at night, while certain characters may only be available to speak with during the day. Keeping track of the time of day can also help you plan your actions, such as when to rest or when to use stealth to avoid detection. Overall, paying attention to the time of day can enhance your gameplay experience in Metro Exodus.

2. Can you change the time of day in Metro Exodus?

No, you cannot manually change the time of day in Metro Exodus. The game follows a set day and night cycle, which progresses as you play through the story. However, you can use certain items and strategies to make the most of the time of day. For example, using a flashlight or night vision goggles can help you navigate in the dark, while resting during the day can help you regain health and other resources. Additionally, some quests and activities may only be available during certain times of day, so it\’s important to pay attention to the time in order to make the most of your playthrough. While you cannot change the time of day, you can use it to your advantage and adapt your playstyle accordingly.

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