The Fighter Class in Divinity Original Sin 2

This is a guide and walkthrough for Divinity Original Sin 2. This page focuses on the Fighter class, including its basic information, recommended playstyle, advantages, and potential disadvantages.

The Fighter is a versatile class that can become a serious threat to enemies if developed properly. With increased armor, the Fighter can be a perfect tank. Alternatively, by using different abilities, the Fighter can become a support character. However, the main purpose of the Fighter is to follow and finish off the most important enemy units.

Below are the starting parameters for this class:

  • Attributes
  • Abilities and Talent
  • Starting abilities
  • Fighter and Races
  • Which abilities are worth choosing?


The Fighter class has two strengthened attributes:

Attribute name





The Fighter has only one starting point assigned to Strength, but this allows for stronger attacks and shows the versatility of the class.



Additional Constitution allows the Fighter to take damage and answer with the same as they act as a buffer between enemies and the rest of the team.

Abilities and Talent

The Fighter\’s skills include:






Each point in Warfare improves damage, making it a good investment for the Fighter.



Replenishing armor is important for the Fighter, making Geomancer a good choice.



Reducing the cost of purchased items and increasing the price for selling items makes Bartering a useful ability for the Fighter to have.

The Fighter\’s talent is Opportunist, which allows for surprise attacks when enemies pass by or try to move away from the Fighter.

Starting abilities





The Fighter possesses the ability to regenerate armor for themselves or their allies, making it a valuable skill, especially when medical resources are scarce. This allows the team to stay alive longer or support each other.

Bouncing Shield

A useful ability for Fighters wielding a weapon and a shield, allowing them to throw their shield at an enemy for damage and then hit another target. The damage dealt scales with the shield\’s armor, not the character\’s attributes or abilities.

Battle Stomp

A warrior can use this skill to knock down all enemies within medium range, even while engaged in close combat. This can protect teammates or incapacitate an opponent.

Fighter and Races






There aren\’t many similarities between the Fighter class and Elves, given their natural bonuses.



The increased initiative and critical damage bonus may not be ideal for a Fighter, but they can provide a unique advantage.



The high base strength bonus allows for balancing the character\’s constitution with damage dealt, and the racial ability can turn the tide of a fight.



The Lizards\’ low intelligence makes them ineffective as Fighters.

Which abilities should you choose?

Fighters have access to two schools (Geomancer and Warfare), providing a choice of eight starting abilities. These abilities are suited for a Fighter using a sword and shield, but slight adjustments can be made for those using a two-handed weapon or dual-wielding, as shown in the table below.





This default ability should not be changed.

Battering Ram

If not using a shield, switch this ability with Bouncing Shield (which requires a shield to activate). Battering Ram allows for quick reach to an enemy and knocking them down if they have no physical armor.

It is useful for shortening the distance and knocking down enemies who have moved past the front line or are attempting to flee.

Battle Stomp

Similar to Fortify, this should not be changed.


What is the Fighter class in Divinity Original Sin 2?

The Fighter is a melee-focused class in Divinity Original Sin 2 that excels in close combat. They are tough and durable, able to withstand a lot of damage while dealing it out in return. Fighters have a variety of skills that allow them to control the battlefield, including knockdowns and taunts that can draw enemies away from their allies. They also have access to a number of weapon-based skills that deal extra damage or apply status effects like bleeding or poison. Overall, the Fighter is a great choice for players who want to get up close and personal with their enemies and control the flow of battle.

What are some tips for playing a Fighter in Divinity Original Sin 2?

If you\’re planning on playing a Fighter in Divinity Original Sin 2, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First and foremost, you\’ll want to focus on building up your Strength attribute, as this will increase your damage output with melee weapons. You\’ll also want to invest in Warfare skills, which will further increase your damage and make your attacks more effective. Additionally, consider taking some defensive skills like Fortify or Armor of Frost, which can help you withstand enemy attacks. Finally, don\’t be afraid to experiment with different weapon types and skill combos to find what works best for your playstyle. With a little practice, you\’ll be a deadly force on the battlefield in no time!

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