The Battlemage Class in Divinity Original Sin 2

This guide for Divinity Original Sin 2 provides a detailed description of the Battlemage class, including its recommended playstyle, advantages, and potential disadvantages.

The Battlemage class specializes in melee combat and magic, making it a unique and versatile option for players. Depending on your choices, you can focus on either aspect, or balance both. When selecting this class, consider your party\’s needs and the race of your character.

Below, you\’ll find the starting parameters for the Battlemage class, as well as information on its attributes, abilities, talents, and starting abilities.

In the class selection screen, you\’ll see the Battlemage alongside other options.

  • Attributes
  • Abilities and Talents
  • Starting Abilities
  • Battlemage and Races
  • Choosing Abilities


The Battlemage class has three default attributes that are strengthened:

Attribute Name





Additional strength increases effectiveness with conventional weapons and raises physical armor.



Additional intelligence allows proficiency in both melee weapons and magic. It also slightly increases magic armor.



Several constitution points are always useful.

Abilities and Talents

Three abilities are improved for the Battlemage class:






Increases melee damage and combines well with increased strength.



Allows magical armor piercing to weaken enemies before hitting them with melee weapons.



Improves dialogue skills.

The Battlemage class also comes with the \”Comeback Kid\” talent, which prevents the character from being killed as long as they have at least 1 remaining HP.

Starting Abilities




Battering Ram

Cuts distance between the character and target, knocking down and dealing damage to everyone in the path of the charge.

Blinding Radiance

Deals Air damage to nearby enemies and inflicts Blind for 1 turn if they don\’t have magic armor.

Shocking Touch

Enables you to stun an opponent who is in close proximity to you. The stun effect inflicts damage from the air.

Battlemage and Races






They have completely different predispositions, and there is no correlation between their innate dexterity and any of the class\’s attributes.



Similar to Elves. Although it is possible, any other race with better predispositions will perform much better in this class.



Due to the passive bonus to strength, Dwarves can be excellent Battlemages. However, the balance in using abilities will be slightly distorted.



In this case, the class will not be utilized to its full potential, but Lizards\’ innate abilities provide a chance to obtain the desired results.

Which Abilities Should You Choose?

Battlemages have access to two schools (Aerotheurge and Warfare), which means they can choose from eight starting abilities. However, characters with this class begin with the best available abilities, so there is no need to change anything. Doing so will only decrease their effectiveness in battles. Therefore, Shocking Touch, Battering Ram, and Blinding Radiance abilities should be used.


What is the Battlemage class in Divinity Original Sin 2?

The Battlemage class in Divinity Original Sin 2 is a hybrid between a mage and a warrior, combining both magical and physical abilities. Battlemages are capable of dealing both melee and ranged attacks, and they use a combination of spells and weapons to defeat their enemies. They have access to a range of offensive and defensive spells, as well as weapon skills, making them a versatile class that can adapt to different situations.

What skills and abilities does the Battlemage class have?

The Battlemage class has access to a range of skills and abilities, including elemental spells, weapon skills, and defensive spells. They can use spells to create walls of fire or ice, summon totems, and cast magical projectiles. They can also use weapons like swords, axes, and bows to deal physical damage. Additionally, they have access to defensive spells like shields and armor buffs, making them more resilient in combat.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Battlemage class?

The Battlemage class has a number of strengths, including their versatility and adaptability. They can deal both magical and physical damage, making them effective against a range of enemies. They also have access to a range of defensive spells, making them more durable in combat. However, they can be somewhat difficult to play, as they require a balance of both magical and physical abilities. Additionally, they may struggle in certain situations, such as when facing enemies with high resistances to either physical or magical damage.

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