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This guide is for Divinity Original Sin 2 and will walk you through the quest in The Council Academy called The Academy. When you enter The Council Academy, the quest will begin automatically. You will meet the Voidwoken near the entrance who will share his opinion of the seven gods with you before leaving.

Go to the main hall and you will find The Seneschal near a quick travel point, but he is currently deactivated. If you want to learn more about The Academy, you will need to activate him using a Phase Capacitator.

There are four locations where you can find a Phase Capacitator:

  1. On a table in the Teachers Room
  2. In the Storage – the key to which is in The Academy Library, in one of the desks.
  3. Inside The Academy Library
  4. In the locked room in The Academy Library – to get there, you must follow these steps:

Step on the trapdoor in the center of the hall;

  1. Press the button on the eastern wall;
  1. Activate the Unusal Tablet by the eastern wall;
  1. Pull the right lever by the door.

If you have activated The Seneschal, the remaining three Phase Capacitators will be used to open the barrier. Place the first one on the trapdoor in the Teachers Room. This will create a beam that will need to be guided to the barrier. To do so, set the Eternal Reflectors at the right angle. It\’s rather easy as the beam is visible only if the angle is correct.

Once the beam reaches the barrier, set the remaining two Phase Capacitators on the trapdoors and pull the lever. This will enable you to enter the Arena Of The One. Inside, speak to The Eternal Arbiter and tell him that you\’re ready.

Note that in order to participate in this challenge, you need to have Spirit Vision and Source Vampirism abilities. If you did not complete the ritual on Reaper\’s Coast, you can find the skills in the Library. There, you can find two plinths with inscriptions engraved on them. Reading the writings allows you to learn the skills.

The reward for completing this quest is 27900 experience points.


What is The Academy in Nameless Isle?

The Academy is a location in Nameless Isle, a region in the game \”Divinity: Original Sin 2\”. It is a school for sorcerers, where they can learn and hone their magical skills. The Academy is run by seven powerful sorcerers known as the Seven Sages. The sorcerers who attend the Academy are taught how to control their powers and use them for good. The Academy is a place of knowledge and wisdom, but it is also a place of danger. The sorcerers who attend the Academy must be careful, as there are many enemies who would like to see them fail.

Why is The Academy important in Nameless Isle?

The Academy is important in Nameless Isle because it is one of the few places where sorcerers can learn to control their powers and use them for good. Sorcery is a powerful and dangerous force in the game\’s world, and sorcerers who do not learn to control their powers can easily become corrupted. The Academy provides a safe and controlled environment for sorcerers to learn and grow, and it is a key location in the game\’s story. The Seven Sages who run the Academy play an important role in the game\’s plot, and the player must interact with them in order to progress. In addition, the Academy is a visually stunning location, with beautiful architecture and magical artifacts that are sure to capture the player\’s attention.

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