Tell Me Why: How to Access Mothers Trunk?

This is a walkthrough guide for Tell Me Why.

In this guide, we will provide you with the solution to the puzzle that needs to be solved to access the trunk. You must get inside to progress with the story quest.

Please note that this walkthrough contains spoilers that reveal certain plot elements. By continuing to read the guide, you agree to learn about some of the content, such as new locations or some characters.

Once Alyson puts out the fire in the garage, she will notice a hole in the floor and a strange pattern on the lid of the trunk.

Take a crowbar from the living room and destroy the floor to access the box.

To access the trunk, you need to:

  1. Enter the appropriate code;
  2. Destroy the padlock using the pliers.

The pliers can be found on a shelf in the utility room. Use them to cut the padlock and gain access to the trunk.

If you want to properly solve the puzzle, open the Book of Goblins on The Goblins earn their voice story. Look closely at the page and you will find all three numbers in the background. We have highlighted it in the screenshot above.

In summary, the code to access the trunk is 130.


What is Mother\’s Trunk?

Mother\’s Trunk is a secret location in the video game Tell Me Why. It refers to the locked trunk that belonged to the twins\’ mother, Mary-Ann, which has been hidden away in their old family home for years. The game revolves around the twins, Alyson and Tyler, trying to uncover the truth about their mother\’s death and their own troubled past, and the contents of the trunk are key to solving the mystery.

How do you get into Mother\’s Trunk?

In order to get into Mother\’s Trunk, you need to solve a puzzle. The clues to the puzzle are scattered throughout the game, and it requires careful observation and a bit of deduction to put them all together. Once you have all the clues, you need to enter the correct code into the trunk\’s lock. The code is a combination of numbers and symbols that relate to the twins\’ memories of their mother and their childhood. Successfully unlocking the trunk will reveal its contents, which are crucial to understanding the truth about Mary-Ann\’s death and the twins\’ past.

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