Tell Me Why: House, Chapter 2 Family Secrets Walkthrough

This is a guide and walkthrough for Tell Me Why game.

This page provides a walkthrough for the second chapter of the game, the seventh stage. Here, you will learn how to unlock the box and uncover the secrets hidden in this part of the game.

As this is a walkthrough for a story-driven game, there may be spoilers that reveal certain plot elements. By continuing to read the guide, you agree to learn about some of the content, such as new locations or characters.

  • Burning garage
  • Trunk
  • Memories

Burning Garage

Upon arriving home, you\’ll discover that the garage is on fire. Tyler attempts to stop the arsonist, but is pushed aside. Meanwhile, Alyson extinguishes the fire so you can enter the garage.

Once inside, head straight to the second room where you\’ll find a figurine.


When you return to the garage, take a look at the ground. The siblings notice that there is something hidden under the boards.

Grab a crowbar from the living room and break the floor to access the box.

To open the trunk, you need to:

  1. Enter the code;
  2. Use the pliers to break the padlock.

The code for the trunk is 130. Check our guide\’s separate page for more detailed information about the code.


Follow the memories to the river. Alyson may not want to go with you, and your choice at this point will affect your relationship with her:

  1. Just one more time;
  2. Even after what I did for you?

Although the first option may ease the tension a bit, the siblings will still argue.

Try to remember memories, but unfortunately, Alyson will let go and walk away. This marks the end of the second chapter of the game.


What is Chapter 2: Family Secrets in Tell Me Why: House walkthrough?

Chapter 2: Family Secrets is the second chapter in the Tell Me Why: House walkthrough. In this chapter, the main characters, Alyson and Tyler, continue to unravel the mysteries surrounding their family and childhood. The chapter takes place in the family home, which is now abandoned and in a state of disrepair. As the siblings explore the house, they discover hidden clues and secrets that shed light on their family history and the events that led to their mother\’s death. The chapter is filled with emotional moments and tense conversations that deepen the characters\’ relationships and reveal new information about their past.

What are some of the key moments in Chapter 2: Family Secrets in Tell Me Why: House walkthrough?

Chapter 2: Family Secrets is a pivotal chapter in the Tell Me Why: House walkthrough, as it provides important context and backstory for the rest of the game. Some of the key moments in this chapter include the discovery of a hidden room in the house, where Alyson and Tyler find old family photos and documents that reveal their mother\’s troubled past. The siblings also have several emotional conversations about their childhood and the events that led to their separation, including a tense argument about Tyler\’s decision to transition. Additionally, the chapter features several puzzles and interactive sequences, such as a scavenger hunt for clues and a flashback to the siblings\’ childhood that allows players to make choices that impact the story. Overall, Chapter 2: Family Secrets is a gripping and emotionally charged chapter that sets the stage for the rest of the game.

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