Tell Me Why: Homecoming – Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Our Tell Me Why guide allows you to progress through the game with ease. This page contains a walkthough for the second stage, where you\’ll discover what the characters\’ journey home entails.

As the guide contains spoilers that reveal plot elements, be aware of the game\’s genre before reading on. By continuing to use the guide, you agree to learn about certain content, including new locations and characters.

  • First Conversation
  • Ferry

First Conversation

After greeting your sibling, you\’ll head to the car and engage in your first conversation of the game.

Your sister will inquire about what you\’ll miss, giving you two options: the food or the people. Regardless of your choice, Tyler concludes that the place was like home to him.


You\’ll have multiple conversations with your sister during the ferry ride. Keep the conversation going by observing the surrounding homes or elements of the environment.

During the conversation, a new option will become available. By clicking Shift, you can access new dialog options that can influence your relationships with your sister and other characters.

At one point in the conversation, your sister will give you a signet ring as a gift from Eddy, a police officer who took care of Alyson after their mother died. However, he also arrested Tyler when he was a child. You must choose from three answers: fine, I can\’t accept this, or I don\’t care. If you choose to accept the gift, you\’ll place it in your pocket instead of wearing it. Opting for the last answer will upset your sister, who wants the two most important people in her life to reconcile.

Your conversation is interrupted by a phone call to Alyson. Use this time to explore the boat and focus on the pickup truck behind Alyson\’s car. Several items on its back will interest Tyler.

You can initiate a conversation with a man if you wish. If you notice he\’s a hunter right away and mention it, he\’ll respond positively. Continuing the conversation will provide you with more dialog options, including admitting that you\’re visiting someone. He\’ll then inquire about the person you\’re visiting in that part of the country.

  1. My sibling:
  2. Just briefly visiting.

Eventually, the man will introduce himself to you. You may provide only your first or full name to gain his attention and carry on the conversation.

Remember, you have the option to end the dialogue and walk away anytime.

Use your spare time to observe the stickers on your sibling\’s car.

Once Alyson is finished speaking, you can go back to her. If you wish to disembark the ferry, simply enter the car and proceed to the next stage of the game.


Q: What is Tell Me Why: Homecoming?

Tell Me Why: Homecoming is the first chapter of the video game Tell Me Why, developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Xbox Game Studios. The game follows the story of twins, Tyler and Alyson Ronan, who reunite after ten years apart to sell their childhood home in rural Alaska. The game is known for its focus on mental health and LGBTQ+ representation. In chapter 1, the twins return to their hometown and begin to uncover the truth about their past.

Q: How do I play Tell Me Why: Homecoming?

Tell Me Why: Homecoming is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. To play the game, you will need to purchase it from the Xbox Store or Steam. The game is designed to be played in chapters, with each chapter taking approximately 2-3 hours to complete. The game is a narrative-driven adventure game, meaning that the focus is on storytelling and decision-making rather than action or combat. You will need to make choices throughout the game that will impact the story and the relationships between the characters.

Q: What should I expect from the storyline in Tell Me Why: Homecoming?

The storyline in Tell Me Why: Homecoming is centered around the Ronan twins and their family history. As the twins explore their childhood home and reconnect with old friends and family members, they begin to uncover the truth about their past and the events that led to their separation. The game deals with themes of family, trauma, and mental health, and features LGBTQ+ representation and diverse characters. The game is known for its emotional storytelling and its ability to tackle difficult subjects in a sensitive and thoughtful way.

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