Tell Me Why: Chapter 3 Inheritance – Family Home Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough guide for Tell Me Why game.

In this guide, we will provide a step-by-step walkthrough for the fourth stage of the third chapter of the game, which will help you have a successful conversation with Michael.

As this is a walkthrough guide, certain plot elements will be revealed which may contain spoilers. By continuing to read, you agree to learn about new locations or characters.

  • Conversation with Michael
  • Fishing

Conversation with Michael

As Tyler, try to recall more memories. This will lead to Michael\’s appearance. He suggests going fishing and you can respond in a few ways:

  1. I\’m not in the mood;
  2. Uh, was that you?
  3. I don\’t know.

Regardless of your response, you\’ll end up in the middle of the lake.


During the fishing, Michael brings up some important topics. First, he asks about the people you\’ve known in your life. Tyler admits that he has never had anyone close to him and that many people just disappear from his life.

Your conversation will be interrupted by a caught fish. The activity isn\’t that hard. All you have to do is press and hold the key at the right moment and then use the mouse to reel in the fish. It shouldn\’t cause you any problems.

After catching the fish, Michael invites you to meet him at the weekend. You can refuse or accept his offer.

The next conversation will be about your argument with Alyson. You have two dialog options:

  1. I pushed her too hard;
  2. We\’re too different.

If you choose the first option, Tyler will consider that the fault was on his side. This will strengthen the bond between siblings.

The next conversation will be about intimacy between men. If, in the second chapter, you accepted a present from him, Tyler won\’t hide his interest in Michael. They will start talking about their previous relationships. Tyler admits he never had anyone. Interested, Michael will ask why. Your possible answers are:

  1. I\’m good on my own;
  2. I never really thought about it;
  3. I never met the right person.

The next part of the conversation is about Tyler\’s relationships:

  1. Hard to argue with that;
  2. You still want to risk it with me?
  3. It\’s just not for me.

The last choice during this conversation could lead to a kiss.

  1. Make a move;
  2. Do nothing.

If you want them to kiss, choose the first option.


What is the storyline behind Chapter 3 Inheritance in Tell Me Why: Family home, walkthrough?

In Chapter 3 of Tell Me Why: Family home, walkthrough, the main characters – Tyler and Alyson – inherited their family home after their mother\’s death. The siblings return to their childhood home in Delos Crossing, Alaska, to sort through their possessions and memories. As they go through their mother\’s belongings, they uncover secrets from their past and confront traumas that they had long buried. The siblings must navigate their complex family history and reckon with their mother\’s legacy as they try to make sense of their own identities.

What challenges do the main characters face in Chapter 3 Inheritance?

Tyler and Alyson face several challenges in Chapter 3 Inheritance. Firstly, they must confront their grief and come to terms with their mother\’s death. Secondly, they must navigate their family\’s complicated history and the secrets that they uncover from their mother\’s belongings. The siblings also face challenges in their relationship with each other as they navigate their differences and disagreements. Lastly, Tyler and Alyson must decide what to do with their family home and how to move forward with their own lives.

What themes are explored in Chapter 3 Inheritance?

Chapter 3 Inheritance in Tell Me Why: Family home, walkthrough explores several themes, including family, identity, memory, and trauma. The story delves into the complexities of family relationships, including the impact of past traumas on the present. The characters grapple with questions of identity and how their family history has shaped who they are today. Additionally, the story highlights the power of memory and how our past experiences shape our perceptions of the world. Overall, Chapter 3 Inheritance offers a poignant exploration of the complexities of family and the legacies that we inherit.

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