Talking to the Citizens in The Forgotten City: A Walkthrough

This guide provides a walkthrough for several story quests in The Forgotten City. Equitia will give you the task of uncovering the relationships in the city by talking to the citizens.

During this part of the game, you will meet several characters, including Octavia, Galerius, Rufius, Desius, Lucretia, Iulia, Fabia, Georgius, and Horatius. We will describe how to push the plot forward, obtain new tasks, and make progress. However, you can also stop and gather as much information as possible.

This section of the game also allows you to unlock the Bloodless Shadow achievement.

  • Equitia
  • Citizens
  • Reaching the Bathhouse


You will find Equitia at the market area, wearing a distinctive white dress. Ask her how to talk to the person responsible for The Golden Rule. Your task is to inquire about the history of the citizens, how they arrived in the city, and what they remember.


Galerius is usually found near the temple or farm, next to a reservoir. Rufius walks around the market\’s staircase. Desius hangs out in his store or nearby, while Lucretia stays inside her apartment or at the entrance. Iulia can be found at the doctor\’s or market. Fabia is often in her shop, but you must complete the task \”A Thorn in the Paw\” to talk to her. Georgius is in his shop across from Fabia\’s stand, and Horatius guards the stairs leading to Sentius\’ villa. Octavia is cleaning in front of the great temple and appears several times during story missions.

Reaching the Bathhouse

Return to Equitia with the information you have gathered. She will take you to the bathhouse. Use all available dialogue options to obtain important story information and new tasks.


What are the important things to keep in mind while talking to the citizens in The Forgotten City?

When talking to the citizens in The Forgotten City, it\’s important to remember that your actions and words have consequences. The game is based on the concept of the Golden Rule, which means that every action you take will affect the outcome of the game. So, it\’s important to listen to what the citizens have to say and gather as much information as possible before making any decisions.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that each citizen has their own agenda and motivations. Some may be more helpful than others, while some may try to deceive you. It\’s up to you to decide who to trust and who to be cautious of.

How do I gain the trust of the citizens in The Forgotten City?

Gaining the trust of the citizens in The Forgotten City requires careful decision-making and a good understanding of their motivations. One way to gain their trust is to complete their quests and help them with their problems. This will show them that you are willing to go out of your way to help them, and they will be more likely to trust you in return.

Another way to gain their trust is to listen to what they have to say and make decisions that align with their values. For example, if a citizen values justice and fairness, you should make decisions that reflect those values.

Finally, it\’s important to be honest and transparent with the citizens. If you make a mistake or do something they don\’t agree with, own up to it and try to make it right. This will show them that you are trustworthy and willing to take responsibility for your actions.

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