System Shock Remake: Solving Junction Box Puzzles

If you want to score mini-games with power diversion in the System Shock Remake, you will need to solve puzzles using the junction boxes. Here\’s our guide to help you understand the assumptions and ways to solve the two main varieties of circuit panels with live boxes.

Junction Boxes are scattered throughout the game world. These boxes contain mini-games wherein you need to create connections to solve the puzzles. Our guide will describe the rules and ways to solve the puzzles from the junction boxes, and explain the rewards you can get.

  • Junction Box in the game world
  • Puzzle variant #1
  • Puzzle variant #2

Junction Box in the game world

The junction boxes contain mini-games that involve redirecting energy, and come in two variants. You can solve the puzzles right away or save them for later. Each box found is marked on the map.

Every puzzle involving a junction box opens a new passage in the area, such as a door, hatch, energy gate, etc. This can help you reach new areas and rooms with secrets. However, the game world does not allow you to destroy closed doors associated with junction boxes, but you can look for alternative paths in some locations.

If you find a Logic Probe, you can place it in the slot next to the junction box to skip the mini-game. The probe is a consumable item and can be rarely found in the Citadel. Save it for extremely difficult puzzles.

Puzzle variant #1

The first variant of the mini-game requires you to create connections between the starting point (1) and the end point (2). Avoid the round red points as they can stop the connection you are creating. You can rotate most of the elements on the board by 90 degrees to create more fragments of the connection. The blue element from point 3 can rotate the fixed paths that surround it, but it rotates several elements at the same time.

The exemplary solution to the puzzle shows a link created between two Red Square points.

Puzzle variant #2

The second variant of the circuit panel is more complex. You will need to create connections to solve the puzzle, but the elements on the board are fixed and cannot be rotated. Take your time and plan your moves carefully to solve this puzzle.

To complete the wire panel puzzle, you must adjust the voltage to match the target voltage displayed on the bar marked 5 in the picture. The target voltage should be in the blue range. The wire plugs marked 1 can be grabbed and when you hover over them, you can find out if they have single or double power. Then, you need to move the plugs to the wire holes, which are by point 2 on the picture, to create Orange connections. Unlike the first mini-game, you cannot rotate parts of the connections. However, the mini-game allows you to rotate the knobs, which are examples 3 in the picture, to redirect connections. There are also switches on the board, an example being point 4 in the picture, which allow you to regulate the increase or decrease in voltage. Once you have correctly matched the plugs, ports, knobs, and switches to get the right voltage, the junction box will close automatically, indicating that you have completed the puzzle. A correct solution to the wire panel puzzle is shown in the picture.


What are Junction Boxes in System Shock Remake?

Junction Boxes are interactive puzzle objects found throughout System Shock Remake. They are used to reroute power to open doors, turn on lights, and unlock various other systems. Junction Boxes can be found in various locations such as hallways, rooms, and other areas of the game. They can be hacked by the player to open new paths and access additional areas. Junction Boxes are a key part of the game\’s puzzle mechanics and provide an immersive experience for players.

How do I solve puzzles involving Junction Boxes?

To solve puzzles involving Junction Boxes, players must reroute power to the desired system or object. This is done by manipulating the wiring and switches on the Junction Box interface until the desired outcome is achieved. Players must also be careful not to overload the system, as doing so can cause damage and potentially lethal consequences. Solving Junction Box puzzles requires careful planning and strategy to ensure that the correct outcome is achieved.

Are Junction Boxes essential to gameplay in System Shock Remake?

Yes, Junction Boxes are essential to gameplay in System Shock Remake. They provide a unique puzzle mechanic that enhances the game\’s overall experience. Players must use Junction Boxes to progress through the game and access new areas. Junction Box puzzles are challenging and require careful planning and strategy, adding an additional layer of depth to the game\’s overall mechanics. Without Junction Boxes, System Shock Remake would not be the immersive and challenging game that it is known for.

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