Syberia The World Before: How to Use Hints

This guide for Syberia The World Before explains how to effectively use the hints provided in the game.

Syberia: The World Before is filled with puzzles, riddles, and hidden people and places to discover. Some of these challenges can be quite difficult to solve. In such situations, the game provides mini-hints in the form of a question mark icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Once the orange bar around the hint icon fills up, clicking on it will trigger a hint from the main character. She will usually remind you of a place or person you need to visit.

For more challenging puzzles, the hint icon will have several segments, each providing a different suggestion on how to solve the puzzle or where to find the necessary item or access code. However, these hints will not provide exact instructions on what to do.


What is Siberia The World Before?

Siberia The World Before is a documentary series that explores the rich history and culture of Siberia, a vast region in Russia that stretches from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. The series takes viewers on a journey through time, from the earliest days of human settlement to the present day, revealing the fascinating stories of the people who have lived in this remote and inhospitable land. Through stunning cinematography and expert interviews, Siberia The World Before brings to life the myths, legends, and traditions of Siberia, shedding light on a part of the world that is often overlooked.

What can I expect to learn from Siberia The World Before?

Viewers can expect to learn about the diverse cultures, religions, and traditions that have shaped Siberia over the centuries. The documentary series explores the ancient shamanic practices of the indigenous peoples of Siberia, the impact of Russian colonization on the region, and the role of Siberia in World War II. Along the way, viewers will meet a wide range of characters, from reindeer herders to scientists, and gain a deeper understanding of what life is like in this harsh and unforgiving environment. Whether you are interested in history, anthropology, or simply love a good story, Siberia The World Before is a must-see documentary series that is sure to captivate and inspire.

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