Surreal Estate

This guide is for GTA 5 walkthrough.

Josh\’s car

Availability: Trevor

Location: This mission is made available some time after the Closing the deal side mission is completed. Once you receive a message from Josh, visit the motel in the Rancho district. Go to the upper floor and meet Josh. During the conversation, he will ask you to set fire to his former estate. After the conversation, get into Josh\’s car (Lampadati Felon GT), which comes with a petrol canister.

Follow the radar to spill fuel

Josh\’s villa is located in the Rockford Hills district. After reaching there, park the car near one of the main entrances to the estate and hop over the wall. Go to the back of the building and select the canister from your inventory after reaching the big grill. Start spilling fuel on the ground while following the path shown on the radar.

After spilling all of the fuel, hop over the wall again to leave the estate. Select any weapon from the inventory (preferably with a muffler and a scope), aim at the fuel trail shown on the radar, and take a shot. Get into your car and drive away from the estate. If you complete it quickly, none of the police will notice you. Otherwise, you will have to lose the pursuit. The only thing left for you is to listen to the phone talk with Josh.

Rewards for the completion of the mission: none

Requirements for the completion of the mission in 100%:

  • Out of the Frying Pan – Complete the mission without alarming the police. Take the shot at the fuel trail from a large distance using a suppressed weapon.
  • Pyromaniac – Make the entire fuel trail at one take.


What is surreal estate?

Surreal estate is a term used to describe a type of art that combines elements of real estate and surrealism. It typically involves the creation of imaginary buildings or landscapes, often with unusual or impossible features, to create a dreamlike or otherworldly atmosphere. Surreal estate can take many forms, including paintings, sculptures, and installations, and is often used as a way to explore themes of identity, memory, and the subconscious.

Where can I find examples of surreal estate?

Examples of surreal estate can be found in many art galleries and museums around the world. Some notable artists who specialize in this type of art include Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, and Max Ernst. Surreal estate can also be found in popular culture, such as in films like \”Inception\” and \”The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.\” Additionally, many contemporary artists are exploring surreal estate in new and innovative ways, so it\’s worth keeping an eye out for emerging talent in the art world.

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