Stray: The Slums, Chapter 4 – guide

This guide provides a walkthrough for The Slums location in Chapter 4 of Stray. It includes details on all mandatory tasks, such as finding notebooks and meeting characters like Momo, Zbaltazar, and Doc.

In Chapter 4 of Stray, players make their first visit to The Slums. This guide covers essential information, including how to unlock conversations with robots, locate Momo, and find four notebooks belonging to Momo, Doc, Zbaltazar, and Clementine.

  • Meeting the Guardian
  • Exploring The Slums – General Tips
  • Finding Momo\’s Apartment
  • Locating Clementine\’s Notebook
  • Locating Doc\’s Notebook
  • Locating Zbaltazar\’s Notebook
  • Giving Momo All Notebooks
  • Getting to the Rooftops

Meeting the Guardian

As you explore The Slums, you will eventually encounter Guardian B-12. This robot can translate the language of other robots, allowing you to communicate with them. Speak to the Ranger and show him the Postcard from your inventory. He will tell you to find Momo, who lives on one of the top floors of the building with an orange neon sign.

Exploring The Slums – General Tips

When you reach The Slums, you have many options. You can focus solely on the main story or take part in optional activities. Some actions will benefit you later in the game, such as obtaining a poncho. Others are related to secrets, which are covered in the Secrets and Collectibles chapter. You will return to The Slums in stages 6 and 7, so exploring the area 100% is not necessary.

The main activities in The Slums are:

  1. Meeting robots and showing them your inventory items.
  2. Finding B-12 memories and Sheet Music, which are collectibles that can be delivered to Morusque.
  3. Buying items from a trader, which may require energy drinks or item exchanges.
  4. Unlocking trophies related to slum exploration, such as putting on a paper bag (Curiosity Killed Accounts) or correctly pushing a basketball (Bum Shaka Laka).
  5. Using B-12 to translate text found around the area, such as road signs, plaques, and graffiti.

Finding Momo\’s Apartment

To reach Momo\’s apartment, you must climb to the rooftops of the central buildings. Look for objects or boxes protruding from the walls and use them to jump to higher areas.

To reach Momo\’s apartment, first head towards the large neon sign where two robots are throwing paint cans. Continue climbing until you reach a balcony under an orange neon sign. From there, jump to the small window. Once you\’re inside, you can choose to explore the apartment or show Momo the postcard for a task to collect three more notebooks.

To find Clementine\’s Notebook, jump over more building roofs until you reach her apartment. Look for the room with the computer turned on, where you\’ll find the notebook.

To find Doc\’s Notebook, go to the library and look for a side room partially obscured by towers of books. There, you\’ll find a note with the keys to the safe. Use the keys from your inventory to open the safe and retrieve the notebook.

To find Zbaltazar\’s Notebook, climb to the top of the building to reach his barricaded balcony. Ask B-12 to translate the schematic and remove the power source to turn off the fan on the roof. This will allow you to jump into Zbaltazar\’s apartment and find his journal.

After collecting all three notebooks, return to Momo and show him the notebooks to learn about the possibility of fixing the Transceiver.

To get to the rooftops, approach the shutter with Momo and receive the Transceiver. Jump through the window and interact with the bucket to transport to a new location. Roof exploration is a separate chapter.


What is Stray: The Slums?

Stray: The Slums is a video game that was released in 2022. It is an action-adventure game that allows players to take on the role of a stray cat that is trying to navigate through a futuristic city filled with danger and intrigue. The game is set in a world where humans have left the planet, leaving their pets behind. The cats, dogs, and other animals have formed their own societies and are now struggling to survive in a world that has been left behind.

What is Chapter 4 of Stray: The Slums?

Chapter 4 of Stray: The Slums is one of the most challenging parts of the game. In this chapter, players must navigate through the slums of the city, which are filled with dangerous creatures and traps. The goal of the chapter is to find a way to reach the top of a building, where the player will be able to access a new area of the game. To do this, the player must solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and use their cat-like abilities to climb and jump their way to the top.

What are some tips for completing Chapter 4 of Stray: The Slums?

Completing Chapter 4 of Stray: The Slums requires patience, skill, and a little bit of luck. Here are a few tips that can help players overcome the challenges of this chapter:

  • Use your cat-like abilities to climb and jump your way through the level.
  • Take your time and be careful when navigating through the dangerous areas of the slums.
  • Pay attention to the clues and hints that the game provides, as they can help you solve puzzles and find your way to the top of the building.
  • Don\’t be afraid to experiment with different strategies and approaches to each challenge.

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