Stray: Rooftops, Chapter 5 – Walkthrough

This Stray guide includes a walkthrough for Chapter 5\’s Rooftops location. Our guide provides instructions on traversing more rooftops, avoiding Zurks, bringing the elevator down, and reaching the radio tower.

Rooftops is fittingly named as it mainly involves climbing and dealing with Zurks. Our walkthrough also covers defending yourself in the elevator location and installing the device on the radio tower.

  • Exploring the rooftops
  • Starting the elevator and avoiding Zurks
  • Mounting the device at the radio tower

Exploring the Rooftops

After leaving the slums (stage 4), you will arrive at the rooftops. Watch out for Zurks from the start and avoid them whenever possible. Use alternative paths when available, run, and jump to higher objects during escape scenes to lose the monsters.

Look for higher ledges and protruding objects to jump to along the way. Some metal beams can be set in motion when you jump on them. Jump on the beam more than once in some cases to reach its \”destination\” and continue your journey.

Roll the barrel as close as possible to the hanging beam to climb the barrel and jump towards nearby beams.

Outsmart the Zurks with the hacking option to trap them between the fences. This allows you to safely roll the second barrel from the initial location of the Zurks. Climb the rolled barrel to continue climbing.

The linear route leads to a wooden plank to push and make a bridge. Watch out for the Zurks and head towards the scaffolding to escape them.

Go to the next level and notice the Zurks in a fenced-off area with a barrel. Open the gate with hacking, start running away from the Zurks, and lead them to the side of the fence. Climb the objects, enter the barrel from the fenced area, roll it outside, and climb onto it to resume climbing.

Starting the Elevator and Avoiding Zurks

Arrive at the location with an outer elevator shaft.

Pulling the lever activates the elevator but also alerts the Zurks. Defend yourself against the monsters for about a dozen seconds as the elevator descends slowly.

To avoid the zurks from approaching your cat, start running around the construction area and keep going. When the elevator reaches downstairs, head towards it. Climb the crate and jump over the fence. Then, ask B-12 to set the elevator in motion using the keyboard. Once you\’re up there, you\’ll be safe from the zurks. Your next task is to mount the device at the radio tower. The elevator will take you to the top of the tallest building with a radio tower. At the base of the tower, interact with the chest and select the Transceiver from your inventory to install it. Lastly, lower the rooftops and return to the slums. Before starting the long descent, listen to B-12\’s commentary on the city\’s panorama and the artificial sky.


What is Stray: Rooftops?

Stray: Rooftops is a puzzle platformer game developed by BlueTwelve Studio. The game follows the story of a stray cat who finds itself on the rooftops of a futuristic city. The player controls the cat as it navigates through the city\’s rooftops, solving puzzles and completing challenges along the way. The game\’s unique art style and immersive gameplay make it a must-play for puzzle game fans.

What is Chapter 5 of Stray: Rooftops?

Chapter 5 of Stray: Rooftops is the fifth section of the game, where the player must navigate through a series of complex puzzles and challenges to progress. This chapter introduces new mechanics and obstacles, such as conveyor belts and laser beams, that make the puzzles even more challenging. The player must use all of their skills and problem-solving abilities to successfully complete the chapter and move on to the next one. With its engaging gameplay and stunning visuals, Chapter 5 of Stray: Rooftops is sure to keep players entertained for hours on end.

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