Stray: Jail, Chapter 11 – walkthrough

This is a walkthrough for chapter 11 of the game Stray, where you must escape from Jail. Follow this guide to learn how to rescue Clementine and B-12, and how to escape the prison together.

Chapter 11 of Stray takes place in Jail, where you must explore and successfully escape. Our walkthrough will guide you through the process of escaping the cage, freeing Clementine, finding B-12, and finally, escaping the Jail and returning safely to Midtown.

  • Getting out of the cage
  • Finding and saving Clementine
  • Finding and freeing B-12
  • Returning back to Clementine
  • Escaping the jail building

Getting out of the cage

The chapter starts with you in a hanging cage, which you need to break free from. To do this, rock the cage by moving the analog stick left to right (or A and D buttons on PC). After some effort, you\’ll break free and can begin exploring the prison to find your companions.

Finding and saving Clementine

Follow the path laid out by the ledges and protruding beams (remember that they can change their location after reaching them).

Once you reach a larger area, jump to the right beam first, then proceed to the cage connected with the left beam. You should reach the barrels and follow the path to the exit.

The prison block is guarded by Sentinels. Remember to stay out of their field of view.

You can get past the first Sentinel by jumping on the ledge shown in the screenshot above. In case of mobile drones, hide in cells or cardboard boxes and wait for them to pass you by.

You\’ll reach the cell where Clementine is, but a key will be required. Make your way through the pathway between the bars (screenshot above) and continue through a small area outside of the prison.

To get the key, you need to climb the table and take it off the wall. Return to Clementine\’s cell by backtracking and give the key to her. One less thing to worry about.

Finding and freeing B-12

Follow Clementine.

You will reach a cell with a force field where B-12 is imprisoned.

Go straight ahead and jump through the opening into a small room. Turn left. Here you need to watch out for laser traps. To get past the first one, climb the crates and then jump towards the shafts by the ceiling (screenshot above).

The next corridor contains mobile traps and an enemy drone. You can hide near the right window and wait for the trap to pass you by.

Avoid the next two moving traps by climbing onto two crates connected to the leftmost wall.

In the next area, you\’ll need to get past a Sentinel again. Once past him, reach the lever and activate it to disable the force field imprisoning B-12. Unfortunately, this won\’t solve the problem, as the drone has been deactivated and cannot free itself on its own.

To rescue B-12, you must reach him and carry him across. Be wary of nearby Sentinels, particularly the drone that is in close proximity. Wait for the drone to face the other direction before attempting the rescue mission.

Returning to Clementine

It is not advisable to travel back the same way you came. Instead, use the small side window and wait until it is safe (when the closest bot is facing the other way). Once it is safe, jump down, turn left and make your way to where Clementine is waiting.

Escape from the jail building

B-12 is back in action, so you can proceed with the escape plan. Ask B-12 to hack the nearest door panel.

You\’ll come across a locked gate. Climb onto the box on the right and push down the bricks to gain Clementine\’s attention. The robot will throw one of the bricks at the glass part of the wall above the goal. Approach Clementine and use her assistance to go upstairs. On the other side, there\’s a lever that will open a path for Clementine.

You\’ll arrive at the square, where Clementine will ask you to distract a nearby Sentinel. Let the Sentinel see you and run (zig-zag!) to the side room.

Hide behind the obstacles (screenshot 1) and wait for the Sentinel to arrive. Leave the room quickly and send B-12 to close the gate, trapping the Sentinel inside (screenshot 2). You can now proceed.

The next area is a bit tricky, as you have to trap two enemy drones. You can do this one by one or get the attention of both bots at the same time. The side area has two entrances, each having a hackable lock. Once you bring both Sentinels to this location, ensure that you close both pathways.

Continue forward until you reach a new small door. Clementine will have difficulty opening the gate, so you\’ll have to use the shaft on the right. The other side has a lever – use it to open the path for Clementine.

The next step is to reach the control room to unlock the exit route. Examine the small vehicle – Clementine will reposition it. You can now climb onto its back and jump over the fence. Reach the lever in the control room and activate it.

An escape sequence awaits you – start running towards the fence and after crossing it, run zig-zag behind the vehicle controlled by Clementine. Running slalom is a must, as Sentinels chasing you will fire. You need to be close enough so that you can jump towards the vehicle and successfully escape. Chapter 12 starts with your arrival back to Midtown.


What is Stray: Jail, Chapter 11?

Stray: Jail, Chapter 11 is a game that falls under the mystery genre. It is a point-and-click game where the player takes control of a character named Jack who has been imprisoned in a jail. The game revolves around Jack\’s escape from prison and the mystery behind his imprisonment. The game features various puzzles and challenges that the player must solve to progress through the story.

How do I play Stray: Jail, Chapter 11?

Playing Stray: Jail, Chapter 11 is easy and straightforward. The game is played using a computer mouse to point and click on objects on the screen. The player must solve puzzles and complete challenges to progress through the game. The game also features an inventory system where the player can store items collected throughout the game. The game can be played on a PC or Mac computer.

Is Stray: Jail, Chapter 11 suitable for all ages?

Stray: Jail, Chapter 11 is suitable for players of all ages. However, the game contains some mild violence and dark themes that may not be suitable for very young children. The game also requires some critical thinking skills to solve the puzzles and challenges, which may be challenging for younger players. Overall, the game is suitable for older children and adults who enjoy mystery and puzzle-solving games.

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