Steelrising: Walkthrough of Nicolas Flamels Final Journey

Get to know the fate of the Philosopher\’s Stone discoverer, Nicolas Flamel. This page of the Steelrising guide presents a walkthrough of Nicolas Flamel\’s final journey.

Unravel the mystery surrounding the Philosopher\’s Stone and Nicolas Flamel, the alchemist. In this guide to Steelrising, you will find a walkthrough for the quest of Nicolas Flamel\’s final journey.

You will receive this mission after completing the quest \’To Les Invalides\’ and visiting the Cordeliers Convent. Abbe Gregoire will give it to you. Make sure to talk to him about everything. You need to locate Nicolas Flamel\’s tomb.

  • Nicolas Flamel\’s Crypt
  • Comte de Cagliostro\’s Workshop
  • Retrieve Ludia\’s Blueprints
  • Enter Inbetween

Nicolas Flamel\’s Crypt

Head to the La Cite location. Reach the Vestal located behind the golden gate\’s repairing mechanism. Refer to the \’In Search of Abbe Gregoire\’ quest\’s walkthrough for instructions on how to get there. If you have already unlocked some shortcuts, you can use them instead.

From the Vestal, climb the stairs to a side alley. You can unlock the gate at the top using the key you received from the priest.

In the square behind the gate, you will encounter a Courier (read more about Automats on the Arachnids page), a Master-at-Arms (learn about this opponent on the Guards page), and a Prototype (find out more about them on the Prototypes page). Keep moving forward, turn right at the end of the road, and left in front of the barricade. Watch out for the Phoenix (read about them in the Hunters section).

At the end of the alley, on the left, there is a steep path that leads to a Heavy Prototype and a Lumberer (read about this enemy on the Labourers section). Turn right and climb the stairs. Pry open the gate. There is a Phoenix and two Tiger Grenadiers behind it (read about them on the Felines page). Look up after entering the square. You can pull yourself up to the top of the building.

Go to the other side of the building. Turn right and jump over the fence. Follow the path, and you will reach a gate that can be unlocked. It is a shortcut. Turn right when you reach it. After a while, you will come across a Vestal. Activate it. There is a hole in the ground in the cemetery behind it. Jump into it.

Go through the tunnel, and you will eventually reach a hall guarded by a Frost Acolyte (read about this opponent in the Acolytes section). Follow the path until you reach a dead-end corridor guarded by a Heavy Prototype. Climb up the platforms and go through the hole in the wall. There you will find a Heavy Prototype and a Courier.

To continue the quest, jump to the other side of the platform and proceed straight ahead. There is a dead end and a Harvester behind you, so be careful. Go down the stairs and you\’ll come across a Prototype. Follow the tunnel and descend the stairs again. At the bottom, you\’ll face a Courier and a Frost Acolyte. Climb the stairs ahead of you and destroy the wall opposite to it. On your right, there is a chest that contains a carriage token and a letter relevant to the task on one of the tables. It\’s advisable to follow the path shown below, which will save you trouble in the future. Alternatively, you can walk to the Horseless Carriage. Near the tables, there is a wall that can be smashed. Go through the tunnel, and on the way, you\’ll encounter 2 Heavy Prototypes. You\’ll be able to pull up to go outside at the end of the tunnel and land on the fenced-off part of the cemetery near a Vestal. Be cautious as there are Couriers and a Frost Acolyte. Unlock the cemetery gate and continue on your journey.

To reach Comte de Cagliostro\’s Workshop, head to Tuileries and get behind the square guarded by an Ice Squire. Instead of going through the tunnel, pull yourself up to the top of the building near the breach in the wall. Jump over the balconies and reach the guarded square behind the locked gate. A Forger and a Phoenix are guarding it, so be careful. Jump to the hole in the square and follow the tunnels. After turning left, you\’ll come across a Pruner. Keep moving forward and destroy the wall on the right. Behind it, there is a hall guarded by a Lightning Ram and a Courier. Proceed through the room and keep walking through the tunnel until you reach a grate, guarded by a Lancer. A Heavy Prototype is also hiding around the corner. Turn left and climb the short branch of corridors ending with a hole in the ceiling. You\’ll reach a square guarded by a Lumberer and a Courier. Climb the stairs opposite to the place where you left the underground to find an Echoe.

Upon ascending the stairs, you will come across the gates of the building, indicating that you have reached your desired destination. The document you are seeking is located on the table just behind the entrance. Additionally, on the first floor, there is a chest containing a carriage token. If you wish, you may explore the first floor further, where you will find a wallet on the table beside the stairs, which is necessary for the quest, A Family Affair. On the second floor, there is an item that is required for the quest, Origins, which will also unlock another Echoe.

After completing the task, exit the building through the second passage on the ground floor. This will lead you to a courtyard, guarded by Prototypes, where you will find a shortcut. From here, return to the Cordelier Convent.

Retrieve Ludia\’s Blueprints

Speak to Abbe Gregoire, who will then direct you to Bailly and Lavoisier. The researchers will inform you that they require schematics, and you must head to Tuileries.

After crossing the bridge, take a right turn and use the Selenite Momentum to cross the hanging platforms to the other side of the locked gate. The square is guarded by a Hoplite (you can read more about this enemy on the Guards page). You can now open the gates with the lever – this will unlock the shortcut. In the future, you will not have to jump on the platforms again.

Now go down the stairs, towards the river. The bank is guarded by a Prototype, Pruner, and Musketeer.

Near the stairs, you will come across a gate that you must destroy to proceed. Enter the sewers, follow the corridors, and make your way down to the lower level of the tunnels. Eventually, you will end up in a small room, which is guarded by a Harvester.

There are two exits from this room through destructible walls. Choose the right one, as the left one is a dead end (a Trumpeter is there). When you are in the right tunnel, pull yourself up to reach the hole.

Walk down the corridor and use the stairs. Here, you will encounter two Trumpeters (learn more about them on the Musicians page) and a Courier.

On the right, you will see a passage to the lower part of the sewers. However, it ends with a dead end, so you should go left. Keep walking straight down the corridor, unlock the shortcut on the left, and pull yourself up through the hole in the ceiling.

Continue walking straight, and you will reach a room with a Lumberer and two Violinists (you can learn more about them on the Musicians page). The schematics you need are on the right side of the room, beside a body. There is also a chest containing a carriage token that is hidden away.

Finally, head back to the Cordeliers Convent and speak to the scientists again.

Entering the Inbetween

To reach Nicolas Flamel\’s Crypt, head back to the entrance described earlier on this page. However, don\’t go underground. Instead, there\’s a closed-off section of the cemetery near the Vestal that you can unlock if you left the catacombs earlier. If you haven\’t unlocked it yet, you\’ll need to go through the catacombs again, as described above. If the shortcut is open, simply enter the square and use the key to unlock the door. Inside the cemetery, you\’ll face a Flame Acolyte and 2 Couriers.

After entering the gate, turn left and continue straight. You\’ll encounter a Violinist and a Courier. At the intersection, take a right and climb the stairs to the square. This area is guarded by a Butcher and a Courier. Walk through the square, where you\’ll face 2 Violinists. Follow the path until you reach a Vestal. Along the way, you\’ll have the option to unlock a shortcut by breaking down a crumbling wall.

At the end of the street, to the right of the Vestal, there\’s a chest containing a carriage token. In the plaza to the left of the respawn point, there\’s a hole in the street. Jump down and make your way through the tunnel, then approach the blue light to trigger a cut-scene.

Talk to the ghost and return to the Cordeliers Convent to inform Abbe Gregoire of your findings.

Finally, interact with the chest located under the wall in the convent to complete the mission.


1. What is Steelrising: Nicolas Flamel\’s final journey?

Steelrising: Nicolas Flamel\’s final journey is an action role-playing game developed by Spiders and published by Nacon. It is set in an alternate version of 18th century Paris, where the player takes on the role of an automaton named Aegis. The game follows Aegis as she fights against the oppressive monarchy and its army of robots, while also uncovering the secrets of her own creation and the final journey of the alchemist Nicolas Flamel.

2. How do I play Steelrising: Nicolas Flamel\’s final journey?

To play Steelrising: Nicolas Flamel\’s final journey, you will need to have a PC or console that meets the game\’s minimum system requirements. Once you have the game installed, you will control Aegis using your keyboard or controller. You will explore the game world, fight enemies, and complete quests to progress the story. The game features a skill tree that allows you to customize Aegis\’s abilities and play style.

3. What are some tips for playing Steelrising: Nicolas Flamel\’s final journey?

Here are some tips for playing Steelrising: Nicolas Flamel\’s final journey:

  • Experiment with different weapons and abilities to find a play style that suits you.
  • Explore the game world thoroughly to find hidden items and secrets.
  • Pay attention to the story and dialogue to fully understand the game\’s world and characters.
  • Upgrade Aegis\’s skills and abilities regularly to keep her competitive in combat.

4. How long does it take to beat Steelrising: Nicolas Flamel\’s final journey?

The length of time it takes to beat Steelrising: Nicolas Flamel\’s final journey will depend on your play style and how much time you spend exploring the game world. On average, it takes around 15-20 hours to complete the main story. However, if you choose to complete all the side quests and fully explore the game world, it could take up to 30 hours or more.

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