Steelrising: Rams – Strategy Guide, Tips to Win

Complete Guide to Steelrising

These are the big enemies that possess powerful weapons. In this section of the Steelrising guide, you will learn how to deal with the Rams.

The Rams appear in different parts of Steelrising and are tough to beat. This Steelrising guide will give you all the necessary information about the Rams.

  • Lightning Ram
  • Statuary Ram
  • Ballista Ram

Lightning Ram

This enemy has a tendency to use sweeping attacks and electrical shocks. It will charge towards you if you keep a distance from it for too long.

The best way to defeat it is from a distance with explosive grenades. Alternatively, you can freeze it and then inflict heavy damage with powerful attacks. It is also important to strike the enemy after its attacks end, as it becomes vulnerable for a moment.

Statuary Ram

Being close to the Statuary Ram can be dangerous, as it can spin with the pillar in its hand and stab with the weapon. It will also run towards you if you keep your distance for too long.

It takes a long time for this enemy to recover from attacks. So, you should run up, deal some attacks, and then retreat to a safe distance. Explosive grenades can also cause significant damage to it.

Ballista Ram

This enemy can attack with crossbow shots or wide sweeps around itself. It can turn quickly and has a powerful melee attack.

The key to defeating it is to fight from a distance and dodge its projectiles. You can also use grenades or freeze it. If you are forced into melee, try to stick to its back.


What is Steelrising: Rams?

Steelrising: Rams is a video game that takes place in an alternate history of France in the 18th century. The game features robotic enemies, including the Rams, which are large, heavily armored machines with deadly weapons. Players take on the role of Aegis, a humanoid robot who must fight against the Rams and other mechanical foes to save France from destruction.

How to beat the Rams in Steelrising?

Beating the Rams in Steelrising requires a combination of strategy, skill, and patience. Players should focus on attacking the Rams\’ weak spots, which are located on their backs and sides. Dodging the Rams\’ attacks is also essential, as their weapons can deal massive damage. Utilizing Aegis\’ special abilities, such as the ability to slow down time, can also help players gain an advantage in battle. Additionally, using the environment to the player\’s advantage, such as hiding behind cover or luring the Rams into traps, can help turn the tide of the fight. With practice and perseverance, players can defeat the Rams and progress through Steelrising\’s story.

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