Steelrising: In Memory of the Dauphin – step-by-step guide

This is a guide for completing the In Memory of the Dauphin quest in Steelrising. To finish it, you must defeat The Royal Orpheus Titan after completing a few tasks: finding a Note addressed to the king, visiting Dr. Lemonnier\’s surgery, and breaking into The armoire de fer.

This quest is a side mission that you will have in your journal throughout the majority of the game. Queen Marie Antoinette gives it to you at the beginning. Along the way, you will encounter the Royal Orpheus Titan and the Unstable Lumberer. You also need to find a Note addressed to the king, Dr. Lemonnier\’s surgery, and the armoire de fer. Don\’t forget to talk to Mirabeau.

  • Note addressed to the king
  • Dr. Lemonnier\’s surgery
  • The armoire de fer
  • Back in Saint-Cloud

Note addressed to the king

The first step to complete this task is to read the letter in Eugene de Vaucanson\’s Workshop during the quest The Master of the Machines.

You can continue this mission during the quest Troubled Waters. At some point, you will meet Mirabeau. After the mandatory conversation with him (about the main quest), talk to him again about the dolphin.

Dr. Lemonnier\’s surgery

You can proceed with the quest after completing The Shadows of Luxembourg quest and defeating The Alchemist of Luxembourg Titan. Behind the square with the well, you will come across an alley with two roads coming out of it. Go to the right, through the stone arch.

Three opponents await you in the square in front of the building: a Master-at-Arms, a Courier, and a Heavy Prototype. After defeating them, pull yourself up on the rope to the balcony. The doctor is not here, but pick up the letter he left on the table. Unfortunately, it is encrypted. You have to find someone who can read it. Go to Bailly.

You will find the man in the Cordeliers Convent after completing The Shadows of Luxembourg quest. He will decipher the notes for you. Go now to Lavoisier. The scholar is also at the rebel headquarters.

The chemist will inform you that the substance Bailly mentioned is a poison. Go now to the Horseless Carriage and in the correspondence tab send a letter to the queen. Now you have to wait.

The armoire de fer

The next clue is the pistol you will find by the iron safe during the side quest Monsieur Necker\’s two treasures. You have to take it to Mirabeau\’s house. We have described the path to that place in the walkthrough for the Troubled Waters quest.

Speak with the man and then find the letter near the fireplace. Use this new information to talk with the diplomat who will give you an interesting note.

Returning to Saint-Cloud

To continue with the task, you must first complete the main mission, The Prisoner in the Bastille, and then receive a message from the queen. You can read the message in the Correspondence menu in the Horseless Carriage.

After receiving the queen\’s message, go to Saint-Cloud. Start by heading to the other side of the river and crossing the destroyed bridge. Use the Momentum Selenite to jump over the breach.

From the bridge, go to the right and you will see a cemetery on your left. Jump into the hole you will find there and go down the tunnel. You will come to a room with a Frost Acolyte and a Heavy Prototype.

Go across the room and climb the stairs to the top. Pull yourself up through the hole in the ceiling and follow the path along the river. You will encounter a Pruner.

Near the shrine on the right, you will meet the mini-boss Unstable Lumberer, who guards a gate that can be opened with a key found on a body behind it. Further along, you will encounter a Heavy Prototype and an Ice Squire. Unlock the gate at the end of the path and head back across the bridge to the other side of the river.

Use the key to open the large gate near the Horseless Carriage. In the square behind it, you will find a Hoplite and 2 Prototypes. Follow the wide road through the courtyard.

You will come to a large square with a shallow artificial lake, where there are 2 Violinists and a Courier. Turn left and head towards the fountains. Go all the way to the water terraces, where you will encounter a Hoplite and 2 Tiger grenadiers. Your target is guarded by a Ballista Ram.

To reach the top of the water terraces, jump on the higher part or go around through the gate on the left. Once you are at the top, go straight, up the stairs and unlock the gate.

You will come to another large square with a Statuary Ram in the water. Go to the back, to the rise, where you will find a Vestal. Head towards the palace where the queen is waiting for you. A cut-scene will start and you will receive the key.

After unlocking the gate and descending the stairs, return to the square and observe the large artificial pond situated on the left side of the palace. Two Stalkers and a Master-at-Arms guard the area, but you can access the gate at the top of the stairs with the key. Proceed through it.

To the left, you\’ll see a path and stairs. The first route leads to a shortcut that takes you to the front of the residence where you can open the gate. The second path goes directly to the Titan. Proceed upwards, and you\’ll encounter a Musketeer and a Hoplite in the courtyard.

Climb over the crates and jump into the arena where The Royal Orpheus Titan awaits you. Further information about this opponent is available on a separate guide page.

After the fight, you\’ll have another conversation with the queen, and it\’s up to you whether to share the information obtained earlier from Mirabeau. Completing this mission will be the final outcome.


What is Steelrising: In Memory of the Dauphin?

Steelrising: In Memory of the Dauphin is an upcoming action RPG set in an alternate version of 18th century France. The game focuses on the story of Aegis, a female automaton created by King Louis XVI to protect the royal family. The game takes place during the French Revolution, and Aegis must navigate the dangerous political landscape to protect the Dauphin, the heir to the French throne. The game promises a unique take on history, with fantastical elements and a focus on player choice.

What can players expect from the gameplay?

Players can expect a mix of action and RPG elements in Steelrising. Aegis is a skilled fighter with a variety of weapons and abilities at her disposal. The game promises challenging combat encounters that require both strategy and skill. In addition to combat, players will also need to make decisions that affect the story and the fate of the Dauphin. The game promises a range of choices that will affect the outcome of the game, giving players a sense of agency over the story.

When will Steelrising: In Memory of the Dauphin be released?

As of now, there is no official release date for Steelrising: In Memory of the Dauphin. The game was originally expected to be released in 2020, but has been delayed. The developers have stated that they want to take the time to make the game as polished as possible, and have not given a specific release window. Fans of the game will have to wait patiently for more news about the game\’s release date.

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