Steelrising: Guide for Beginners

If you are new to Steelrising, it is important to read this guide to get helpful tips before starting the game. This page provides a Beginner\’s Guide for Steelrising.

Every player starts as a beginner, so it\’s essential to read this text before playing the game. This page offers useful tips for starting the game.

  • Use dodges effectively
  • Be aware of surprise attacks
  • Break crates and barrels
  • Explore every corner of the map
  • Look for doors with ribbons
  • Avoid unnecessary fights
  • Unlock shortcuts
  • Return to Vestals and spend your souls
  • Focus on specific attributes
  • Use enemies against each other
  • Beware of water hazards

Use Dodges Effectively

Dodging is essential for survival during combat, especially when facing fast opponents. Attacking enemies from the side or rear is most effective, which can be achieved through quick movements.

Be Aware of Surprise Attacks

Approaching enemies from behind and attacking them can deal critical damage. Weaker enemies can be killed with a single attack, while stronger ones will be significantly weakened and knocked down, providing the opportunity for more attacks. A backstab is indicated by a red rhombus.

Break Crates and Barrels

Breaking objects in the game world can yield useful items, so don\’t forget to smash crates and barrels.

Explore Every Corner of the Map

Although Steelrising doesn\’t have many branching paths, exploring every nook and cranny of the map can reveal useful items, letters that provide insight into the game\’s lore, and mini-tasks that are not noted in the journal.

Look for Doors with Ribbons

Doors with ribbons above them indicate places where players can talk to NPCs. These characters may assign mini-tasks or provide insight into the game\’s lore. Players should listen for conversations when they encounter these locations.

Avoid Unnecessary Fights

Players need not fight every enemy encountered, especially when traversing familiar paths. Running past opponents can save time and resources.

Unlock Shortcuts

While there is usually a single path to the destination, players can unlock shortcuts by opening gates from the other side. Using shortcuts can save time during subsequent trips through the area.

Don\’t hesitate to revisit Vestals and expend your souls

Vestals serve as checkpoints. Once activated, defeated enemies will reappear. If your health is low and there are no other shrines nearby, it\’s better to return to the previous one and upgrade your character instead of losing your currency. Anima essence can be used to improve stats and purchase useful items.

Focus on specific attributes

Aegis has six attributes that can be developed, but it\’s best to concentrate on three that align with your play style.

Use enemies to your advantage

When facing large groups of opponents, you can use their attacks against each other. With patience and strategy, you can provoke them to harm themselves.

Beware of the water

Combat near water can be dangerous. If you venture too deep or get thrown in by an enemy, you will die instantly. Be extremely cautious.


What is Steelrising?

Steelrising is an action role-playing game developed by Spiders and published by Nacon. The game is set in an alternate version of 18th-century Paris, where the player takes on the role of Aegis, an automaton built to protect Queen Marie Antoinette. The game features fast-paced combat, with a variety of weapons and abilities to unlock and upgrade. Players will also encounter a range of enemies, from human soldiers to other automata, as they explore the streets of Paris.

What are some tips for beginners?

One of the most important things for beginners to keep in mind is to stay mobile during combat. Aegis is a versatile character with a range of movement options, including dodges and jumps, which can be used to avoid incoming attacks and reposition for a better angle of attack. Additionally, it\’s important to experiment with different weapons and abilities to find a playstyle that suits you. Some players may prefer ranged attacks, while others may prefer to get up close and personal with a melee weapon. Finally, be sure to explore the game\’s levels thoroughly, as there are often hidden items and secrets to discover.

What sets Steelrising apart from other action RPGs?

One of the standout features of Steelrising is its unique setting. By placing the game in an alternate version of 18th-century Paris, the developers have created a compelling world full of interesting characters and locations. Additionally, the game\’s focus on automata as both enemies and allies adds a layer of complexity to the combat system, as players must adapt to the strengths and weaknesses of different types of foes. Finally, the game\’s upgrade system allows players to customize their character\’s abilities and weapons in a way that feels meaningful and impactful.

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