Steelrising: Getting Echoes of Jean Sylvain Bailly

A walkthrough for Steelrising game

Discover the story of Jean Sylvain Bailly, a great astronomer and supporter of the people, by collecting his Echoes. This guide will help you locate them throughout the game.

As one of the king\’s confidants until the dismantling of Estates General, Bailly is an important character in Steelrising. Meeting him is part of the main storyline, but before that, you can learn about him through three Echoes.

  • The representatives assemble
  • Save yourselves if you can
  • Final hearing

The representatives assemble

You can find this collectible in the Tuileries district. While making your way to the Louvre during the main story, you\’ll eventually come across a passageway across a scaffolding. It will lead you to an apartment which connects the Tuileries district with the museum. Don\’t forget to look for the Echo in the corner of the room.

Save yourselves if you can

This collectible is located in front of the Louvre, in the Tuileries district. Look for it at the end of the garden in front of the museum, behind the gallows and burning carriages. Turn right before entering the former royal palace and you\’ll find the Echo under the fence in a bed of flowers.

Final hearing

During the main questline, you\’ll make your way through Tuileries and eventually reach the Louvre. The Bailly Observatory is located on the top floor of the museum. To find the Echo, leave the room through the other door and you\’ll end up in a corridor with a passageway to the lower floor. You can climb out the window to leave the building or find the Echo at the end of the corridor.


What is Steelrising: Jean Sylvain Bailly – Echoes?

Steelrising: Jean Sylvain Bailly – Echoes is an upcoming action role-playing game developed by Spiders and published by Nacon. It is set in an alternate version of Paris during the French Revolution, where the player takes on the role of Aegis, an automaton created by King Louis XVI. The game follows Aegis as she fights against the robotic armies of the French Revolution, which are led by Marie Antoinette.

When will Steelrising: Jean Sylvain Bailly – Echoes be released?

The release date for Steelrising: Jean Sylvain Bailly – Echoes has not yet been announced. However, the game is expected to be released in 2022 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

How can I get Steelrising: Jean Sylvain Bailly – Echoes?

Steelrising: Jean Sylvain Bailly – Echoes can be purchased through various online retailers such as Steam, PlayStation Store, and Microsoft Store. The price of the game has not yet been announced, but it is expected to cost around $60. It is also possible that the game will be available for pre-order before its release date, which will come with various bonuses such as exclusive in-game items or early access to the game.

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