Steelrising: Equipment Upgrades and Management

Get ready to defeat stronger enemies by upgrading your equipment. This section of the Steelrising guide will help you manage and upgrade your weapons, armor, and quick access bar. We\’ll also cover the store and modules.

  • Store
  • Weapons
  • Armour
  • Modules
  • Journal and map
  • Burette
  • Quick Access Belt


Visit the store to browse through clothes, weapons, and resources for upgrading weapons and modules. You can also buy keys and useful items such as healing and resistance potions and grenades. The currency used in the store is called Anima essence. You can also sell unnecessary items from your inventory here.


You can acquire weapons by finding them or purchasing them. It\’s recommended to equip two different types of weapons for close and ranged combat. You can upgrade your weapons up to level 5 by using the Upgrades menu at any Vestal or in the Horseless Carriage. This process requires Anima essence and materials which can be bought or found. The higher the level, the more expensive the upgrade.


Take care of your character\’s armor as it plays an important role in character development. You can acquire clothes by finding them in chests or purchasing them from the Boutique. The best outfits can be obtained by exploring the world. The higher the armor stats, the better the protection. You can manage your armor in the Inventory menu.


Modules are special implants that make the heroine stronger in various ways. You can acquire them by finding or purchasing them. Each module has its own level, and the higher the level, the better the perks you will receive. You need to have a slot developed for high-level modules, and you can do that using keys that can be found or purchased. Each level requires more keys.

Journal and Map

You can find your journal and map in the Inventory menu. The map is useful for traveling and setting destinations between districts, but it only shows general symbols of the locations and not their detailed layouts. The journal provides information about the enemies, locations, and characters you encounter, so it\’s worth checking regularly.


Burettes are useful items that instantly renew a significant amount of life. You can\’t find them, but their number is restored every time you visit a Vestal.

You can enhance the healing properties and maximum carrying capacity (up to 5) of the \”elixir\” by using special items. However, the required items for upgrading are quite rare.

In the Inventory menu, you will also find the Quick Access Belt, which is vital during combat. You can assign items to it for easy use, such as healing potions and grenades. Depending on the situation, the composition of the belt can be altered.


What equipment can be upgraded in Steelrising?

In Steelrising, players can upgrade their weapons and armor to make them more powerful and better suited for combat. This includes upgrading the damage, fire rate, and accuracy of weapons, as well as increasing the defense and durability of armor. In addition, players can also upgrade their gadgets and tools, such as the grappling hook and hacking device, to make them more effective in certain situations. Upgrades can be purchased with in-game currency or found throughout the game world.

How does equipment management work in Steelrising?

Equipment management in Steelrising is a crucial aspect of gameplay. Players must carefully choose which weapons, armor, gadgets, and tools to bring with them on each mission, as there are limited inventory slots available. It is important to have a variety of equipment to handle different combat scenarios and environmental obstacles. In addition, players can switch out equipment during missions by accessing their inventory menu. Proper equipment management can mean the difference between success and failure in Steelrising.

Are there any unique equipment options in Steelrising?

Yes, Steelrising offers unique and innovative equipment options for players to use. One such example is the clockwork sword, which is a powerful melee weapon with a unique design and special abilities. Another option is the steam-powered jetpack, which allows players to fly through the air and access hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, players can use gadgets such as the steam-powered grappling hook to traverse the game world. These unique equipment options add depth and variety to gameplay, and encourage players to experiment with different strategies and playstyles.

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