Steelrising: Acolytes – how to defeat them?

Learn how to defeat the slow but powerful Acolytes in Steelrising with this guide.

Acolytes are strong opponents that can cause significant damage. Here\’s how to defeat them:

These are some of the toughest enemies you\’ll face. Here\’s what you need to know about each type:

  • Assault Acolyte
  • Frost Acolyte
  • Flame Acolyte

Assault Acolyte

The Assault Acolyte is the first Acolyte you\’ll encounter. It has three dangerous attacks that can deal a lot of damage.

Its forward attacks are easy to dodge, but they can still cause a lot of damage. The forward strike, where the Acolyte uses two balls from the right and left, is best avoided by moving backwards out of range. The most difficult attack to avoid is the spin, where the Acolyte moves around, dealing damage to everything around it.

To defeat this enemy, try attacking from a distance or freezing it. If you can\’t do that, stick to its back – only one of its attacks can reach you there. The enemy takes a long time to recover after each attack, giving you the opportunity to strike.

Frost Acolyte

The Frost Acolyte has a similar moveset to the Assault Acolyte, but it also has new attacks. It can jump high and hit the ground, dealing area damage, and turn into a cannon to shoot straight. It also has frost alchemical powers.

The Frost Acolyte takes a long time to recover after each attack, so use those pauses to your advantage. The creature is defenseless when it turns into a cannon, so get out of its line of fire and attack. You can also use fire and explosive grenades to help defeat it.

Flame Acolyte

The Flame Acolyte can spin incense sticks around itself, dealing high damage over a large area. It can also grab opponents with pliers and shoot from itself like a cannon, dealing fire damage. Don\’t stay too close to it for too long, as its spinning attack can be deadly.

Stick to its sides and back, and use ranged attacks to defeat it. Be prepared for it to use its most dangerous attacks sooner or later.


What is Steelrising: Acolytes and why is it important to defeat them?

Steelrising: Acolytes is a game with a dystopian setting, where the player takes control of a robotic character named Aegis. The game is set in an alternate version of Paris during the French Revolution, where the player has to fight against the Acolytes, a group of robotic soldiers created by King Louis XVI. The Acolytes are important to defeat because they are the main antagonists of the game and will stop at nothing to prevent Aegis from achieving their mission.

How to defeat the Acolytes in Steelrising: Acolytes?

The Acolytes are tough opponents, but there are several strategies that can be used to defeat them. Firstly, it is important to understand their weaknesses and strengths. Acolytes are vulnerable to fire, electricity, and acid attacks. Players can use these types of attacks to deal significant damage to the Acolytes. Secondly, players can also use stealth to avoid confrontation altogether, or use the environment to their advantage. For example, players can lure Acolytes into traps or use explosive barrels to deal damage. Lastly, players can also upgrade Aegis\’ weapons and abilities to make them more effective against the Acolytes. With these strategies in mind, players can take on the Acolytes and emerge victorious in Steelrising: Acolytes.

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