Sherlock Holmes The Awakened: Discovering the Evidence in the Underground Warehouse

This guide provides a walkthrough for Chapter 2 of Sherlock Holmes The Awakened, which will help players find all the evidence in the underground warehouse and unlock all the scenes in Imagination Mode.

The walkthrough includes instructions on how to solve puzzles in the Mind Palace and identify the dead man on the altar at the Cthulhu statue. At the end of the guide, players will find information on how to search the archives.

  • How to find all the evidence in the warehouse\’s underground?
  • How to unlock all the scenes in Imagination Mode?
  • Mind Palace
  • How to search the archives?

How to Find All the Evidence in the Warehouse\’s Underground?

After completing Sherlock Holmes\’ vision in the abyss, players will control Watson. Find Sherlock and listen to the conversation.

Walk up to the wall and investigate:

  1. cross symbol in the concentration mode,
  2. blood traces in the concentration mode,
  3. shirt,
  4. cut cord.

Turn around and go down the stairs. Walk up to the altar and examine the symbols on the wall and the vessel on the floor.

Turn left and approach the wall. Inside the open wooden chest, examine:

  1. scratches on the lid in the concentration mode,
  2. the chest\’s lid,
  3. blood traces.

Near the door, players will find a large cauldron with leftover food.

There is a pile of clothes lying on the floor near the opposite wall. Inspect the following:

  1. pantleg,
  2. clothes with a pattern on the right.

Approach the dead body on the altar and examine it:

  1. face,
  2. abdomen,
  3. right hand in the concentration mode,
  4. left hand in the concentration mode.

Lastly, approach the tables near the altar. On the first table, examine:

  1. page,
  2. flyer,
  3. box with a medallion,
  4. knife.

While examining the page, rotate it and look at the symbols drawn on the back. Players also need to carefully examine the knife.

On the second table, examine:

  1. bottles on the left,
  2. open box.

When Sherlock picks up the box, examine the drug marks and the symbol on the bottom of the box.

How to Unlock All the Scenes in Imagination Mode?

After collecting all the clues in the warehouse\’s undergrounds, players will unlock all the scenes in the imagination mode. Activate the concentration mode and approach the place where the shirt and the cut cord were found. Select the scene shown in the image above.

Arrange a scene where people are praying using the symbols under the altar.

Set up the same scene as shown in the picture above at the chest.

Create a scene where a man is stripping someone of their clothes near the pile of clothes.

Arrange a scene at the altar where a person is cutting the throat of a man lying down.

The Mind Palace

Once you\’re back at Holmes\’ apartment, enter the Mind Palace. For the question \”Who is the dead man on the altar?\”, select the following clues:

  1. Unknown man on the altar,
  2. Advertisement flyer,
  3. Passport.

For the question \”Where have the abducted been sent to?\”, choose:

  1. Tin box with edelweiss,
  2. Cross inside ractangle,
  3. Warehouse 12 happenings.

How to Search the Archives?

To access the archives, open the Casebook and select the icon with the small book at the top. Press the corresponding button to enter.

  1. Mark Europe next to the location.
  2. Select 1700 as the founding date.
  3. Mark Medicine next to the scope of activity.

Select the Organization Type and press the Search button. Talk to Watson and complete Chapter 2.


1. What is Sherlock Holmes The Awakened: Warehouse\’s underground?

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened: Warehouse\’s underground is a point-and-click adventure game that was released in 2007. The game is set in the late 19th century and follows the iconic detective, Sherlock Holmes, as he investigates a mysterious case involving a missing archaeologist and a secret society.

2. How do you play Sherlock Holmes The Awakened: Warehouse\’s underground?

Players control Sherlock Holmes and his companion, Dr. Watson, as they explore various locations, gather evidence, and solve puzzles to progress through the story. The game features a traditional point-and-click interface, and players can interact with objects and characters by clicking on them. The game also includes a hint system to assist players who may be stuck on a particular puzzle.

3. What are some of the features of Sherlock Holmes The Awakened: Warehouse\’s underground?

The game features a rich storyline with multiple endings depending on the player\’s choices and actions. The game also includes a variety of puzzles and challenges that require players to use their logic and deduction skills to progress. Additionally, the game includes a detailed inventory system that allows players to collect and use various items to solve puzzles and advance the story.

4. Is Sherlock Holmes The Awakened: Warehouse\’s underground worth playing?

If you enjoy point-and-click adventure games and the Sherlock Holmes universe, then Sherlock Holmes The Awakened: Warehouse\’s underground is definitely worth playing. The game features a compelling story, challenging puzzles, and a detailed world to explore. However, if you are not a fan of the genre or the source material, then the game may not be for you.

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