Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: The Lost Shopkeeper, Mycrofts Case – Full Walkthrough

This guide will provide a complete walkthrough for The Missing Shopkeeper quest in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. By completing this quest, you can obtain the Read It and Weep achievement.

To start this quest, you must first complete the A Gilded Cage story and Eel Hunting side cases. Once completed, visit the Cordona Chronicle building in the eastern part of Scaladio and talk to the receptionist.


After speaking with the receptionist, head to the bookshop in the northern Old City. You can find the location marked in the screenshot provided.

Examine the padlock and letter found at the doormat to progress the case.


Track the letter from the menu to find footprints leading to a yard with clues to investigate:

  1. bookmark,
  2. wooden bat,
  3. cigarette butts,
  4. bootprints on the ground.

Use Focus Mode to follow the footprints and investigate the clues in the yard.


Change into a Worker\’s Apron disguise to blend in and obtain more information from the crowd.

Wagon tracks

Pin the next objective in your casebook and follow the wagon tracks until you reach a building with a blue door.

Complete the quest to earn the Read It and Weep achievement and receive a reward of 20 coins.

  • Introduction
  • Beginning
  • Bookshop
  • Clues
  • Witness
  • Wagon tracks
  • Combat
  • Tables
  • Cell
  • Crime and punishment
  • Ending


In this section, you will face ten enemies who are armed. It is important to remember that the game values arresting over killing. Your score and Jon\’s facial expression will determine your success. To learn more about your relationship with Jon and its impact on the ending, visit the Jon – does the relationship affect the ending? page in this guide.


There are three tables inside the building that you must examine. The first table is located in the center of the room and contains cards and dominoes.

The second table is on the left and is easily identifiable by the flame that illuminates the area. On this table, you should investigate the following clues:

  1. Map,
  2. Keys.

The third table is on the opposite side and features an eye-catching carpet. This table includes:

  1. Ring,
  2. Cut finger,
  3. Knife.


You can now access the cell with the key you found. This is a mandatory step.

Inside the cell, there is a table with an extremely important letter on it.

You will also come across a body. Investigate the following clues:

  1. Battered face,
  2. Cut finger,
  3. Tattoo on the right arm.

After examining the corpse, take a look at the books right next to it. It may be difficult to navigate the pile.

Crime and punishment

This is an optional step, but if you choose to do it, you will unlock the Read It and Weep achievement. Check your casebook for obtained evidence, and then go to the cell where the shopkeeper was being held. Look at the mattress to see bloodstains and a moving tile.

If you look closely, you can pick up the tile and take the book from the revealed hole. This will earn you the achievement, and it will also complete one of Jon\’s challenges. This will affect your relationship with him.


Once you have all the information, return to the receptionist. You can either tell her the truth (that her husband is gone) or say nothing. Your decision will impact her life. If you tell her the whole truth, she will begin to dislike Mycroft and will no longer want to work for him.


What is Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: The Lost Shopkeeper, Mycroft\’s Case?

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: The Lost Shopkeeper, Mycroft\’s Case is a video game that belongs to the genre of action-adventure games developed by Frogwares. In this game, the player takes on the role of young Sherlock Holmes and solves various puzzles and cases in the city of Cordona. The Lost Shopkeeper, Mycroft\’s Case is one of the main cases in the game, where the player needs to investigate the disappearance of a shopkeeper and uncover the dark secrets of Cordona.

How do I solve the Lost Shopkeeper, Mycroft\’s Case?

The Lost Shopkeeper, Mycroft\’s Case is a complex case that requires a lot of attention to details and analytical skills. To solve this case, the player needs to collect various pieces of evidence, interview witnesses, and explore different locations in Cordona. The player should also pay attention to the character\’s dialogue and behavior, as they can provide valuable clues. Additionally, the player can use Sherlock\’s special abilities, such as the ability to reconstruct crime scenes, to uncover hidden details. By piecing together all the clues, the player can finally solve the case and bring the criminals to justice.

What are some tips to keep in mind while playing Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: The Lost Shopkeeper, Mycroft\’s Case?

Some tips to keep in mind while playing Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: The Lost Shopkeeper, Mycroft\’s Case are:

  • Pay attention to details: The game is designed to be immersive, and there are many hidden details that can provide valuable clues.
  • Explore every location: The player should explore every nook and cranny of the locations to find hidden objects and clues.
  • Interview everyone: The player should speak to every character in the game, as they may provide valuable information.
  • Use special abilities: Sherlock\’s special abilities, such as the ability to reconstruct crime scenes, can help the player uncover hidden details.
  • Take notes: The player should take notes of all the clues and evidence, as they may need to refer to them later in the game.

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