Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: Love, Death, and Cordona – Step-by-Step Guide

This guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough for Mycroft\’s Case: Love, Death, and Cordona in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. By completing this quest, you can earn the Not His Toy and Guilty! achievements.

In this section of the Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One guide, we will provide a walkthrough for the Love, Death, and Cordona case. To access this case, you must first complete The Muse From Abroad story and The Missing Shopkeeper side cases. During this case, you will have the opportunity to unlock the Not His Toy and Guilty! trophies.

  • Key information
  • Beginning
  • Primrose Cafe
  • Bridge
  • Tower
  • Reconstructions
  • Rope
  • Pillar of Knives
  • Barracks
  • Room 4
  • Eavesdropping
  • Market
  • House Of The Eagle
  • Killer

Key information

To access this case, you must complete The Muse From Abroad story and The Missing Shopkeeper Mycroft cases. Completing this case will reward you with 70 Money or an achievement. You can also unlock the Not His Toy and Guilty! trophies during this case.


The task begins after speaking with Mycroft\’s employee near Sherlock\’s family home, provided you have completed The Muse From Abroad case. You can immediately accept the task or decline it to unlock the Not Now trophy. If you decline, you can speak to the employee again and accept the case.

Primrose Cafe

After accepting the task, you and Jon will go to the Primrose Cafe located in the north-eastern part of Scaladio. Following a brief conversation, a man will jump to his death, and you\’ll continue your investigation.


Proceed to the bridge to investigate the victim and examine the clues: head, neck, stomach wound, no knife in the sheathe, leg, and key. Speak to the guard at the door and use all dialogue options to gain access to the interior.

Use the \”No Tresspassing\” door to proceed.


Investigate the broken table and examine the large chest, noting the smell and marks on the sides. Look at the floor to find additional clues.

  1. Alphabets,
  2. Cash.

Go to the window from where the deceased person jumped. There you will discover a bloody knife that matches the sheath found earlier.

After examining the knife, observe the windowsill – there are more bloodstains there.


Once you have collected all the evidence, you can reconstruct the events. Start from the area next to the chest. The attacker came out from it and attacked the victim from behind.

Now, towards the broken table. The guard took out a knife and began to defend himself, causing the attacker to fall on the ground.

The final part of the reconstruction is a fight near the window. Pay attention to the characters\’ postures. The victim landed on the windowsill, bent and holding his stomach.


After successfully reconstructing, start tracking the new objective (shown in the screenshot above) and investigate the rope that helps in descending down. Jon will want to do this, but you need to leave the tower in the standard way and proceed to the end of the rope.

Pillar of Knives

The rope ends near a pillar with knives. Your task is to touch it, as it contains a knife which was used as the murder weapon. Unexpectedly, once you pull out the knife, nearby tourists and residents will start screaming at you.

Equip your camera and take a picture so the clue lands in your briefcase. The key you need to use is E (provided you are playing the PC version). or LT (Xbox) and L2 buttons on Play Station) The complete control layout can be found on a dedicated page of the guide.


The next objective requires you to change into an outfit worn by sailors and stevedores.

You can purchase or rent the Marine Uniform from one of the vendors.

The barges are located nearby, right by the river bank. Use the single gray door to enter.

Once inside, talk to the men playing cards. You\’ll receive some information regarding the victim.

Go to Room 4, which belonged to the deceased. Comb through his stuff and learn as much as possible.

Room 4

You\’ll immediately notice the first clue after entering the room – scratches on the floor resulting from moving the cabinet.

Now investigate the letters and the picture located on the table on the left side of the room.

Once you have those, move the cabinet to reveal a hole in the wall that stores more personal items of the victim.

You need to perform a chemical analysis of the found substance. The difficulty of the task depends on the chosen game\’s difficulty level. The correct solution is shown in the screenshot above.

How to Solve the Murder in Assassin\’s Creed: Revelations

If you want to solve the murder in Assassin\’s Creed: Revelations, you need to gather information from different places and people. The first step is to eavesdrop on two men in the barracks, where you can learn further details about the case. The correct options to choose are \”Take revenge,\” \”General will speak,\” and \”Disobedience.\”

Visit the Old City Market

After getting the information from the barracks, you need to go to the Old City market. Before venturing further, wear a Worker\’s Apron to disguise yourself. Once you\’re at the market, talk to the man who sells fruit and vegetables, and pay attention to watermelons, which are immediately conspicuous. This conversation will give you a new clue.

Enter the House of the Eagle

To enter the House of the Eagle, you need to change your outfit. Wear the Female Ottoman Outfit, Ottoman Headscarf, and Silk Scarf, which you can obtain or rent from any vendor on the island. The House of the Eagle is located in the western part of Old City, right near the market. Remember to wear the disguise, or you won\’t be allowed in.

Start the investigation by tracking the objective and checking the clues. There are bloodstains near the main entrance, in the left corner by the wall. Follow the stains to reach a room with bloodied items. Investigate them, and decide upon the favored outcome of the task. You can collect the reward (70 coins) or unlock an achievement (Not His Toy).

  1. If you want the money, go to Mycroft\’s aide and tell him the identity of the killer.
  2. If you want to obtain the achievement, keep reading.

Find the Killer

The killer is in the vicinity, standing by the flowerpot and covering his face with his hand.

Approach the man and examine the clues, which are his face, mark on the neck, no blade, hand marks, and a bloody mark on the rib.

After examining the clues, accuse the man by choosing the correct order of accusations: Victim Profile, Meeting Gone Wrong, and Jailan\’s Letter.

  1. Victim Profile;
  2. Meeting Gone Wrong;
  3. Jailan\’s Letter.

After that, you\’ll face a few opponents in a gunfight. Once you\’ve defeated them, make the arrest and talk to Mycroft\’s man who is at the police station to finish the case. If you\’ve made the arrest by yourself, you won\’t get a reward (aside from the achievement).


1. What is Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: Love, Death, and Cordona?

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is an upcoming action-adventure game developed by Frogwares. The game follows a young Sherlock Holmes as he solves his first case in the Mediterranean island of Cordona. Players will explore the island, interact with its inhabitants, gather clues, and solve puzzles to uncover the truth behind a mysterious death. The game promises to offer a fresh take on the famous detective and his origin story.

2. What is the gameplay like in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One?

The gameplay in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is a mix of exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat. Players will control Sherlock as he investigates Cordona, talks to its residents, and gathers information. The game features a branching dialogue system that allows players to shape Sherlock\’s personality and relationships with other characters. Combat in the game is brawler-style, with Sherlock using his fists, environmental objects, and gadgets to take down enemies. The game promises to offer a non-linear experience with multiple paths to solve the case.

3. When will Sherlock Holmes Chapter One be released?

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is set to release on November 16, 2021, for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game will also be available on Steam and Epic Games Store. Players who pre-order the game will receive a bonus outfit for Sherlock and a digital artbook.

4. Can I play Sherlock Holmes Chapter One if I haven\’t played previous Sherlock Holmes games?

Yes, you can play Sherlock Holmes Chapter One even if you haven\’t played previous Sherlock Holmes games. The game is a standalone prequel that follows a young Sherlock before he becomes the famous detective we all know. The game promises to offer a fresh take on the character and his origin story, so players can jump in without any prior knowledge of the series. However, fans of the previous games will find familiar elements and references in the game that will enhance their experience.

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