Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: Gilded Cage, Boat workshop – step-by-step guide

This is a step-by-step guide for the quest A Gilded Cage in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. We will walk you through the boat workshop and provide tips for the Everyone\’s a Critic achievement.

The guide provides the following sections:

  • Getting to the workshop
  • Boat
  • Warehouse
  • Whirlpool
  • Return to the warehouse
  • Paul
  • Enemies
  • Paul and evidence
  • Imogen

Getting to the workshop

First, head to the harbor area in the Grand Saray district, located east of the hotel. Speak to the elegantly dressed man near the fountain and ask him about the person in Imogen\’s picture. He will lead you to the workshop.

The workshop is located south of the harbor, marked on the map above. It\’s close to the hotel, and you can get there in a minute. Enter the workshop without needing a key or invitation.


Investigate the boat in the docks to the right of the building. Find the player\’s name on it and collect other small clues.


Head to the warehouse and check the fog horn hidden in the red box. Collect the small clue book in the corner between the wooden boxes.

This is the second book you can collect during this mission. It\’s necessary for the Everyone\’s a Critic trophy.


Look out the window to see the bloodied material and mark it to get into the room.

Mark the new task in your file to find the next clue and proceed to the next section.

Upon inspecting the room\’s door, backtrack a bit and examine the name plate. Flip it over to find the \”hidden\” key, which will grant you access to the next room without any issues.

Inside the room, investigate the wooden bookshelf first. It contains:

  1. strychnine darts,
  2. tree cutting tool,
  3. books.

Move to the opposite side of the room where you\’ll spot a small wooden desk. On it, you\’ll find:

  1. boat conversion plans,
  2. letter from Mr. Gilden,
  3. a note on top of one of the results,
  4. Whirlpool results.

Head back to the warehouse

After checking the cabinet, you\’ll be given a new task. Mark it and move on. Once you\’ve correctly selected the task (as shown in the screenshot above), head back to the warehouse. A unique container will be waiting for you on the shelf this time. Examine its lid and interior.

Meet Paul

Assuming that you\’ve gathered all the clues and left the warehouse, you\’ll come across a new person. Observe them closely and pay attention to:

  1. the lack of Adam\’s apple;
  2. swollen right elbow;
  3. bandage on the left palm;
  4. wide hips.

The correct answer is Professional yachtswoman.


After a brief conversation with the woman, opponents will appear. Defeat them all to return to your previous task. Don\’t worry about your companion – she\’ll hide in the room to stay safe during the fight. Keep in mind that the game prefers arresting the enemies rather than killing them. You\’ll see it in the mission\’s results and on Jon\’s face. For more information about your friendship with Jon, see a separate page in our guide – Jon – does the relationship with him affect the ending.

Paul and the Evidence

After defeating all the enemies, return to Paul. She\’ll be waiting in the room where you found most of the clues. It\’s time to ask her everything you need to know.

You can ask her about almost everything, covering the following topics:

  1. animal suspect,
  2. traces near the shed,
  3. Ivory Baths Construction plan,
  4. Bazookaeology Trilogy,
  5. Photo of Imogen,
  6. Paul\’s box of darts,
  7. Suspicious note,
  8. Packed Bags.


After speaking to Paul, it\’s worth visiting Imogen to present her with the new evidence about her father\’s death.

You need to discuss the following things with the deceased man\’s daughter:

  1. Suspicious note,
  2. Threats in envelope.

Then, leave the house and head to the excavation site.


What is Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: Gilded Cage?

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: Gilded Cage is a video game that was released in November 2021. It is an action-adventure game that allows players to take on the role of a young Sherlock Holmes as he attempts to solve a mystery surrounding the death of his mother. The game is set in the Victorian era and features a variety of puzzles and mysteries that players must solve in order to progress through the story.

How do I complete the Boat workshop in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: Gilded Cage?

The Boat workshop is one of the areas that players must navigate in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: Gilded Cage. To complete the workshop, players must first locate a set of blueprints that will allow them to build a new boat. Once the blueprints have been found, players must collect the necessary materials and tools to construct the boat. This will involve solving a series of puzzles and completing various tasks, such as repairing broken machinery and finding missing parts. Once the boat has been built, players can use it to explore other areas of the game world and continue their investigation into the mystery surrounding Holmes\’ mother\’s death.

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