Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: For the Birds, Cordona stories

This guide provides a walkthrough for the Cordona story \’For the Birds\’ in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. By completing this quest, you will uncover the mystery surrounding a missing bird from its cage.

To begin the For the Birds story, speak with Jon who is eager to learn more about the incident.

  • Introduction
  • Cage
  • Questioning
  • Eavesdropping


  1. How to unlock: inspect the empty cage in Miner\’s End.
  2. Reward: 15 coins.
  3. Trophy: none.


Located in the eastern part of Miner\’s End, near the apiary, is an empty cage that catches Jon and Sherlock\’s attention. Investigate the cage to begin the quest.


After examining the cage, dress in work clothes to blend in with the crowd and approach the person standing at the big wooden door. This character is the only one who will provide information about the missing bird.

Avoid wearing a suit or a costume as it will not help in obtaining clues.


Two men in front of a bar in Miner\’s End hold the key to solving the mystery. Eavesdrop on their conversation to uncover the truth.

The correct information is as follows:

  1. Poverty in Miner\’s End,
  2. Lost his family,
  3. theft Canary (Stole the Canary),
  4. Thrown into the sea.

With this information, the mission will be completed.


1. What is the premise of the \”For the Birds\” chapter in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One?

The \”For the Birds\” chapter in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is about a wealthy businessman named Salvatore Cordona who seeks the help of Sherlock Holmes to find out who is responsible for stealing his prized birds. The chapter takes place in the city of Cordona, which is named after the businessman\’s family. As Holmes and his partner Watson investigate the theft, they uncover a web of deceit and betrayal involving the Cordona family and their employees.

2. Who are the main characters in the \”For the Birds\” chapter?

The main characters in the \”For the Birds\” chapter are Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John Watson, and Salvatore Cordona. Holmes is a detective known for his sharp intellect and deductive reasoning, while Watson is his loyal friend and sidekick. Salvatore Cordona is a wealthy businessman who hires Holmes to solve the mystery of his stolen birds. Other characters include members of the Cordona family and their employees, who become suspects in the theft.

3. What is the significance of the birds in the \”For the Birds\” chapter?

The birds in the \”For the Birds\” chapter are significant because they are prized possessions of Salvatore Cordona. He is an avid bird collector and has a valuable collection of rare and exotic birds. When his birds are stolen, he is devastated and hires Holmes to find the culprit. The birds also play a symbolic role in the story, representing Cordona\’s wealth and status in society. The theft of the birds is a blow to his reputation and symbolizes the fragility of his position.

4. What themes are explored in the \”For the Birds\” chapter?

The \”For the Birds\” chapter explores themes of wealth, power, and betrayal. The Cordona family is portrayed as a wealthy and powerful dynasty, with Salvatore Cordona at the helm. However, their wealth and power are threatened by the theft of the birds, which exposes a web of deceit and betrayal among the family and their employees. The chapter also explores the theme of justice, as Holmes uses his deductive reasoning to uncover the truth and bring the culprit to justice.

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