Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: Flashes of Merriment – Step-by-Step Guide for Cordona Stories

This guide for Sherlock Holmes Chapter One consists of a step-by-step walkthrough for the Cordona story Flashes of Merriment. By completing this quest, you will remember what you did in the theater.

The Flashes of Merriment story is included in this guide for the Sherlock Holmes Chapter One game, which will help jog your memory of your actions in the theater.

  • Introduction
  • Theatre
  • Memory Shards


  1. How to unlock: Head to the Scaladio theater.
  2. Reward: 15 coins.
  3. Trophy: None.


To trigger this mission, view the poster on the theater wall. Jon will mention that he can\’t remember their play, and Sherlock promises to remind him of their role.

Memory Shards

You\’ll find the first place you need to inspect at the back of the theater. Activate Focus Mode, which will remain active throughout the entire case. Keep in mind that, this time, Focus Mode won\’t turn off, so you can have it activated indefinitely.

The next step is to look at the little girl standing next to Jon. This should remind you of another person.

Jon is standing next to the girl, hiding behind a table with a skull. Sherlock will praise Jon and his role.

You\’ll then notice the clapping crowd, which was delighted with the children\’s performance.

Finally, the organizer of the event will catch your attention. He is standing on the stairs, applauding along with the rest of the audience.

The last thing to check is the crowd of kids returning to the building. This will complete the mission.


What is Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: Flashes of Merriment?

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One: Flashes of Merriment is a video game developed by Frogwares and published by Nacon. It is a prequel to the previous games in the series and follows a young Sherlock Holmes as he solves a case in the town of Cordona. The game features an open-world environment and allows players to interact with various characters and objects to gather clues and solve puzzles. The story is divided into chapters, with each chapter advancing the plot and revealing new information about the case. The game also features a morality system, where the player\’s choices and actions affect the outcome of the story.

What are Cordona stories in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One?

Cordona stories are a series of side quests in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One that involve solving cases in the town of Cordona. These stories are separate from the main storyline but provide additional opportunities for players to gather clues and hone their detective skills. Each Cordona story has its own unique plot and characters, and some are more challenging than others. Completing these stories can also unlock new areas and items in the game, making them a worthwhile addition to the overall experience. Players can access Cordona stories by interacting with certain characters or objects in the game world.

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