Seventh Challenge from the Riddler in Batman Arkham Knight

Guide to Batman: Arkham Knight

In this section of our guide to Batman: Arkham Knight, we will provide you with a walkthrough for the seventh challenge set by the Riddler. You will need to move metal tiles in the Batmobile while solving a new puzzle with keys.

Grapple the catch near digit 1

To begin the seventh challenge, you need to reach the garage gate near the Divinity Church. After taking the elevator, drive into the round underground hall. Here, you will face a complex puzzle that mostly involves using the batmobile.

First, use the batmobile\’s hoist on the catch closest to the starting point, which is the one next to digit 1 on the wall. You do not need to pull anything off here. Instead, use the hoist to lower yourself to the central chamber, which is partially flooded.

Continue lowering the batmobile until it is located above the operating drills. The next step is quite tricky. You need to stay in your position and lean the analog stick to the side (or press a side directional button). This will cause the metal plates under the batmobile\’s wheels to move to the side. Keep doing this until you reveal the passage shown in the above screenshot. Then, eject from the batmobile and glide there.

You will reach the first pressure plate location. Step on it to lower the water level in the central hall. Then, return to the batmobile and drive back up. Only then, release the hoist.

Destroy the weakened wall next to the second side-chamber.

Now, you need to reach the interactive catch next to the white figure 2. Use the hoist again and start lowering the vehicle. Once you get to the very bottom, lean the analog stick to the side to move the metal plates under the wheels and reveal a new side chamber. By default, this chamber is behind a weakened wall, so use the 60mm cannon to destroy it. Glide into the side room, but be careful not to land too soon because you need to get past electrified fragments of the flooring first.

Step on the pressure plate. After returning to the batmobile, a group of Riddler\’s henchmen will appear. It is a good idea to start with a team action with the batmobile. During the fights, stay away from the electrified fragments of the floor.

You can climb down the wall to the very bottom only if you have moved the metal panels earlier

Once you defeat the mechanical opponents, return to the batmobile and STAY IN for a bit longer. You need to restore the original arrangement of the moving panels. Therefore, move them in the opposite direction to what you did earlier before climbing back up and releasing the hoist.

You can now head towards another interactive catch by the white figure 3 on the wall. Use the hoist on the catch and lower the batmobile as far down as possible. Move the metal plates aside to reveal the passage below. Glide there and step on the pressure plate.

There are two turrets in the neighboring tunnel that are activated when attempting to return to the batmobile. To take them down, use the batmobile remote control. Once they are destroyed, head towards the last pressure plate which is revealed after lowering the water level in the main hall.

Look for the panel with bulbs under the ceiling and switch to Catwoman. The correct capsule containing the key is shown in the screenshot above. Once you solve this puzzle, switch back to Batman and exit the underground complex.


What is the Seventh Riddler trial in Batman Arkham Knight?

The Seventh Riddler trial in Batman Arkham Knight is the final challenge that players must complete in order to fully solve all of the Riddler\’s puzzles. This trial involves racing the Batmobile through a complex obstacle course while avoiding obstacles and collecting trophies. The course is designed to be extremely difficult, and players will need to use all of their skills and knowledge of the Batmobile\’s capabilities in order to successfully complete it.

How do you unlock the Seventh Riddler trial in Batman Arkham Knight?

In order to unlock the Seventh Riddler trial in Batman Arkham Knight, players must first solve all of the Riddler\’s puzzles throughout the game. This includes finding all of the Riddler trophies, solving all of the riddles, and completing all of the challenges. Once all of the puzzles have been solved, players will be able to access the Seventh Riddler trial by going to the Riddler\’s hideout and interacting with the final puzzle. This will unlock the trial and allow players to attempt to complete it.

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