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Complete Vampyr Guide and Walkthrough

On this particular page of our Vampyr guide, you will be given a comprehensive walkthrough for the \”Science without Morality\” quest. Jonathan Reid is on a mission to save Dr. Swansea who has been held captive in the theater.

  1. Leave the hospital right away and make your way to the theater. Just like before, you will have to enter through the window. Nevertheless, the interior is different this time around – the building is now being occupied by the Priwen guards.
  2. Proceed inside and follow the markers. Along the way, you may collect some notes from McCullum which will expose that Doctor Swansea was not truthful with our protagonist.

  1. Retrieve the key and proceed down through the door. Soon, you will come across another McCullum note and a key to the basement of the theater.
  2. Enter and encounter a dying Doctor Swansea. Unfortunately, the man has sustained severe injuries and will perish soon enough.

  1. Another significant choice looms ahead. You can determine the destiny of Dr. Swansea. You can let him perish, turn him into a vampire, or extract blood from him.
  2. Opting for the \”Let Die\” alternative will initiate a cut-scene after which Swansea will pass away. The district of Pembroke Hospital will sense the loss and its health will deteriorate.
  3. For 3000 XP, you can convert Swansea into a vampire. This will enable the man to survive – he will return to work at the hospital on the following night.
  4. Extracting blood will cause Edgar to die. The doctor will perish, and this will lower the health status of the Pembroke Hospital district.
  5. Afterwards, the mission and the entire chapter will come to an end.


What is \”Science without conscience\”?

\”Science without conscience\” is a famous phrase coined by French philosopher, Blaise Pascal. The phrase refers to the dangers of scientific progress without ethical considerations. It warns that knowledge and technology should be used with caution and responsibility, as they can have negative consequences if used recklessly. This phrase has become increasingly relevant in today\’s world, as advancements in fields such as genetics, artificial intelligence, and nuclear power raise ethical questions and concerns.

What is Vampyr Walkthrough?

Vampyr Walkthrough is a video game guide that helps players navigate through the game Vampyr. Vampyr is an action role-playing game set in a fictional version of London during the early 20th century. The game follows the story of a doctor-turned-vampire named Jonathan Reid, who must balance his thirst for blood with his desire to save the city from a deadly epidemic. Vampyr Walkthrough provides players with tips and strategies for completing quests, defeating enemies, and making choices that affect the game\’s outcome. It is a useful resource for both new and experienced players who want to get the most out of the game.

Why is it important to consider ethics in science?

It is important to consider ethics in science because scientific advancements can have significant impacts on society and the environment. Without ethical considerations, science can be used to create technologies and products that are harmful to people and the planet. For example, nuclear weapons and genetically modified organisms are two areas of science where ethical concerns have been raised. In addition, ethical considerations are important in ensuring that scientific research is conducted in a responsible and transparent manner. This helps to maintain public trust in science and ensures that research benefits society as a whole, rather than just a select few.

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