Robbery of a Store (1-2)

A guide and walkthrough for GTA 5


This scenario occurs in two different locations within the game world, and the events are similar in both cases. Attempting to enter the store while the robbery is ongoing will trigger a cutscene of the entire event. Once you regain control of the main character, you must chase after the fleeing robbers, who may be on foot or in a vehicle, and retrieve the stolen cash. You have the option to either keep the money or return it to the shopkeeper.

Store robbery- 1

Available to any character

Location: Bob Mulet Hair & Beauty store in the Rockford Hills district, located in the northern part of Los Santos.

Rewards for completing the event:

  • 2000 dollars (only if you choose to keep the stolen money)

Store robbery- 2

Available to any character

Location: Suburban clothing store in the Del Perro district, located in the western part of Los Santos.

Rewards for completing the event:

  • 2000 dollars (only if you choose to keep the stolen money)
  • 25% discount on your next purchase (only if you choose to return the money)


1. What should I do if I witness a store robbery?
If you witness a store robbery, your first priority should be your safety. Stay calm and try to remember as many details about the suspect(s) as possible, such as their appearance, clothing, and any distinguishing features. Call 911 immediately and report the robbery, providing the location of the store and any other relevant information. Do not confront the suspect(s) or try to intervene, as this could put you in danger. Wait for the police to arrive and cooperate with their instructions.

2. How can I prevent a store robbery?
Preventing a store robbery starts with creating a secure environment. Install security cameras, alarm systems, and proper lighting to deter criminals. Train employees to handle cash and valuables safely and to be vigilant for suspicious behavior. Establish protocols for opening and closing the store, and limit the amount of cash on hand. Consider partnering with local law enforcement and community organizations for additional resources and support.

3. What should I do if my store is robbed?
If your store is robbed, prioritize the safety of yourself and your employees. Remain calm and comply with the robber\’s demands, handing over any requested cash or valuables. Do not resist or confront the robber, as this could escalate the situation. After the robber leaves, call 911 immediately and report the robbery, providing as much information as possible. Preserve any evidence, such as security footage or witness statements, for the police.

4. How can I recover from a store robbery?
Recovering from a store robbery can be a challenging process, both emotionally and financially. Seek support from friends, family, and professionals as needed. Work with your insurance company to file a claim and document any losses or damages. Consider implementing additional security measures and updating your emergency response plan to prevent future incidents. Communicate with your customers and community about the steps you are taking to ensure their safety and regain their trust.

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