Road 96: Chapter 3 – Step-by-Step Guide

This guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough for Chapter 3 of Road 96. It includes tips on how to escape, important characters to meet, and skills to develop.

In this chapter, you will meet Zoe, Sonya, John, and Stan and Mitch. Each character has their own unique story and challenges to overcome.

  • Zoe
  • Sonya
  • John
  • Stan and Mitch
  • Alex
  • Escape


Your journey starts by meeting Zoe, a 17-year-old with only $2 in their account who is cuffed to a police car. You can choose to leave her behind or help her escape. To help her, head to the metal shed behind the station and grab the keys from the cabinet. You can distract the police officers by hacking the tower, using the skill learned from Alex in Chapter 1. Once you have the keys, help Zoe escape. However, you will be caught, and attacked by criminals who will allow you to leave the car and move closer to your destination.

If you choose to leave Zoe behind, you can choose another means of transport.


Next, you will meet Sonya, a character you have met before. She will pay you to film her and the presidential candidate, and you can choose to do so however you wish. After receiving the payment, you can hitchhike to save money.


If you hitchhike, you will meet John, who needs your help. You will be attacked on the way, and you must fight off the attackers to continue your journey.

Stan and Mitch

Finally, you will meet Stan and Mitch, the thieves you encountered in Chapter 1. They need your help to rob a location and will reward you with a new skill. Remember to avoid buying food and instead take advantage of the free food at the location you are robbing.

During the Robbery

When conducting the heist, it is important to assist your allies and not impede them. This will be beneficial when making your escape. Examine your surroundings closely and take a break to regain some stamina. It is advisable to consume the burger located on the desk.

You require two codes for this task. The first code is the security password that must be used when the alarm goes off to prevent the guards from coming. The correct code is A45 D2R CPP12. The second code is 4707. You can escape after successfully completing the robbery.

Meeting Alex

During your journey, you will encounter Alex. To engage in conversation with him, you must disable the power to the phone booth. You will learn several fascinating facts during your discussion. Your decisions will impact how some of the plot-critical characters behave. After the conversation, you can proceed. Alex will hack the taxi network for you, allowing you to advance further at no cost.


It is time for another escape. If you followed the guide and saved money, you can use the services of a woman who will guide you through the border. You will require $50 to pay for her assistance. If you do, you will leave the country safely.


What is Road 96: Chapter 3?

Road 96: Chapter 3 is the third part of the episodic adventure game, Road 96. In this chapter, players continue on their journey as a teenage hitchhiker trying to escape a dystopian country. The game is set in the 1990s and features a procedurally generated road trip that is different each time you play. Chapter 3 introduces new characters, locations, and challenges.

How do I play Road 96: Chapter 3?

Road 96: Chapter 3 is available on PC via Steam. To play the game, you\’ll need to purchase it on Steam and download it to your computer. Once you have the game installed, you can launch it from your Steam library. The game is played using a combination of mouse and keyboard controls. As you progress through the game, you\’ll need to make choices that will affect the outcome of your journey. The game features multiple endings, so your choices will determine the fate of your character.

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