Return to Monkey Island: Length of Game – Story Duration and Achieving 100%

Our guide for Return to Monkey Island provides information on the time required to complete the game. We have provided separate values for finishing the main storyline with or without the assistance of the guide, as well as the time needed to unlock all achievements.

Return to Monkey Island offers several hours of gameplay. This guide provides information on the length of the game, including the duration of the main story, how using a walkthrough can shorten playtime, and the time required to achieve 100% completion.

  1. Completing Return to Monkey Island on the Hard difficulty level without using walkthroughs or in-game tips will take approximately 10-15 hours. The game has many puzzles that are not easy to solve, and you may get stuck in certain areas. Chapters 1 and 4 allow for free exploration, which may take longer to complete.
  2. Using a walkthrough or in-game tips can shorten playtime to about 3-6 hours. The final time depends on how often you use tips and how much time you spend on optional exploration and conversations.
  3. Achieving 100% completion in Return to Monkey Island may take several extra hours. Some achievements are not obvious and require specific actions at certain moments. A standard playthrough without a guide will unlock only about 1/3 of the trophies.


What is the average length of Return to Monkey Island?

The length of Return to Monkey Island varies depending on the player\’s play style and experience. The main story can be completed in approximately 8-10 hours. However, obtaining 100% of achievements, collecting all the items, and exploring every nook and cranny of the game can take up to 20-25 hours. The game\’s puzzles can be challenging, and some may require multiple attempts to solve. The length of the game also depends on the player\’s familiarity with the point-and-click adventure game genre. Players new to the genre may take longer to complete the game than experienced players.

How long does it take to complete the story of Return to Monkey Island?

The main story of Return to Monkey Island can be completed in approximately 8-10 hours. The game features several chapters with different locations and puzzles to solve. The story follows Guybrush Threepwood, a pirate wannabe, as he sets out to rescue his wife Elaine Marley from the clutches of his arch-nemesis, LeChuck. The game\’s story is engaging and humorous, with several memorable characters and plot twists. However, players may take longer to complete the story if they spend more time exploring the game\’s locations and interacting with non-playable characters.

What is required to obtain 100% of achievements in Return to Monkey Island?

Obtaining 100% of achievements in Return to Monkey Island requires players to complete all the game\’s puzzles, find all the collectibles, and complete specific tasks. Some achievements are easy to obtain, while others require more effort and exploration. To obtain all achievements, players must play through the game multiple times and try different approaches to puzzles and dialogue options. The game features a hint system that can help players who are stuck on certain puzzles. Overall, obtaining 100% of achievements in Return to Monkey Island can take up to 20-25 hours of gameplay, depending on the player\’s experience and play style.

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