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The Doom Guide provides a comprehensive description of the Data Logs, Collectibles, Elite Guards, Secrets and Classic Map available in the Resource Operations level.

Discover all the secrets available on the Resource Operations level. Among them are the Elite Guards, Data Logs, Collectibles, and Classic Map.

  • Secret #1
  • Classic Map
  • DataLog #1
  • Elite Guard #1
  • Elite Guard #2
  • Collectible #1
  • DataLog #3
  • Elite Guard #3
  • Collectible #2

Secret #1

The first secret is located at the beginning of the level. Turn around after restoring power and jump above the corridor. Follow the narrow tunnel to find additional armor.

Classic Map

Once power is restored, proceed one level below and continue forward until encountering Imps. Look up at the start of the battle to notice a green armor.

After killing all enemies, return to the location and go to the opposite side of the narrow sidewalk. Climb on the nearby handrail to reach the platform on the left. At the top of the platform, find the lever that unlocks the classic map one floor below.

DataLog #1

Proceed forward after encountering the first Possessed Engineer. In the larger room with a large group of enemies, kill all demons before picking up the log lying under the wall on the other side of the location.

Elite Guard #1

After obtaining the yellow key, go to the right from the yellow door. Behind the net, find a passage to the elevator. The tunnel above leads to the second yellow blockade.

Open the blockade and use the computer to open the passage on the right.

A closed hatch is located on the right from the corridor. Open it, walk down, and kill the enemies. Turn left when you have two paths to choose from and find the first guard.

Elite Guard #2

After finding the first guard, go back to the tunnel crossroad and proceed straight. Walk out through the hatch with blood at the end and pick up the Pulse Rifle above. Jump even higher to reach a room with a nest. Use the elevator below.

After riding one floor up, walk next to the drone and enter the room on the right. At the end, a tunnel on the left leads to the second Elite Guard and additional armor.

Collectible #1

Proceed to the other end of the location after the battle where the Berserk power up was received. Find the green armor there.

There is a large box situated between the armor and the lift. It can be used to jump on the ventilation shaft.

Proceed to the right on the shaft, turn around and climb higher.

Keep moving forward and observe the right wall. Eventually, you will notice a spot that allows climbing onto the roof.

On the right side of the room, there is a hatch. It will take you to the same location as the lift below. Instead, go to the opposite side of the roof and retrieve the hidden collectible in the short tunnel.

DataLog #3

Towards the end of the level, you will pass through a metal structure into a large sewage area with three larger opponents behind it.

Proceed forward after defeating them. You will come across a room with a computer that opens another passage. The log you are looking for is on the left wall of the room.

Elite Guard #3

The third guard can be found in the last corridor leading to the VEGA terminal. His body is lying in the room on the left.

Collectible #2


The second collectible is located at the end of the level. Leave the computer room after obtaining the Argent Cell and look towards the right. You will see a box that can be used to climb up to the higher floor. The straight path will take you to the second collectible.


What are Resource Operations?

Resource Operations are a set of services that allow you to manage and optimize your cloud resources. These services help you to monitor your resources, control access to them, and automate tasks that you perform frequently. Resource Operations also provide you with tools to analyze your resource usage and optimize your costs.

What are Secrets?

Secrets are sensitive pieces of information that you want to keep confidential, such as passwords, API keys, and certificates. Secrets are often needed by applications to access various services and resources. However, storing secrets in plain text is not secure, as they can be easily accessed by unauthorized users. Secrets management solutions allow you to securely store, manage, and distribute secrets to your applications, without exposing them to the public.

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