Resident Evil 4 Remake: Additional Extermination

Resident Evil 4 Remake – walkthrough, hints

Resident Evil 4 Remake offers various Requests to players. In this guide, we will provide you with the necessary information to complete one of them: Additional Extermination.

On this page of the Resident Evil 4 Remake guide, you will find details about the Request called Additional Extermination. This particular Request requires you to eliminate rats and is the final one to do so.

Although Requests are not mandatory, it is advisable to complete them as they provide you with Spinels, a rare currency that can be used to purchase unique items from Merchants such as treasure maps or gun parts.

You don\’t need to collect all the blue notes to complete some of the Requests, including this one.

Finishing all Requests in the game will reward you with a silver trophy/achievement (Jack of All Trades).

  • Additional Extermination starting point
  • Locations of rats
  • Reward

Additional Extermination starting point

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You can initiate the Request called Additional Extermination in Chapter 14. Look for it near the Merchant stationed at Waste Disposal.

Locations of rats

The first rat is situated in Waste Disposal, close to the knob that was operated by Ashley.

The second rat can be reached by crossing the bridge that Ashley raised.

The last two rats can be found in the northwestern region of Waste Disposal.


Completing Additional Extermination will provide you with x3 Spinels as a reward.


What is Resident Evil 4 Remake?

Resident Evil 4 Remake is a remastered version of the classic Resident Evil 4 game, originally released in 2005. The remaster will feature updated graphics and improved gameplay mechanics, while still retaining the core storyline and horror elements of the original game. The game follows protagonist Leon S. Kennedy as he investigates the mysterious disappearance of the President\’s daughter in a rural European village, only to discover a sinister cult and a horde of infected villagers standing in his way.

What new features can we expect from Resident Evil 4 Remake?

While specific details have not yet been revealed, fans can expect updated visuals, improved controls, and potentially new areas and enemies added to the game. The developers have also promised that the remake will stay faithful to the original game\’s story and atmosphere, while offering a fresh experience for both new and longtime fans. Additionally, there is speculation that the game may include new weapons, items, and other content that was not present in the original game.

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