Red Dead Redemption 2: We Loved Once and True – step-by-step guide

Learn how to complete the We Loved Once and True mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 where Arthur Morgan reunites with his former lover, Mary, and embarks on a mission to save her brother who has joined the Chelonia cult.

The multi-part mission becomes available in the game\’s second chapter when Arthur meets Mary and learns about her brother\’s situation.

Here\’s how to unlock and complete the mission:

Unlocking the mission: You must wait for Arthur to receive a letter from Mary which lies on the chest next to his bed at the camp. One of the gang members will inform you about it. Read the letter and head to Mary\’s farm, located near Valentine town.

Meeting with Mary: At the farm, Arthur reunites with Mary and promises to bring her brother back home.

Rescuing Jamie: The next step is to head to the Chelonia cult camp located on top of the hill. Follow the narrow path to reach the place and speak with the cult master. You can either convince the master to let Jamie go peacefully or use more aggressive options. If you choose the first option, the master will allow you to speak with Jamie, who will run away. Chase him on your horse, but don\’t try to catch him or use your lasso as the pursuit ends in a scripted place. If you choose the second option, Jamie will still run away, and you\’ll have to chase him down.

Stopping Jamie from committing suicide: Regardless of your choice, the pursuit ends near the train rails, where Jamie aims his revolver at his head. Use Dead Eye to aim at Jaime\’s revolver and stop him from committing suicide. After that, take him back to Valentine and meet Mary at the train station.

How to get a gold medal in We Loved Once and True?

To get a gold medal in this mission, you must:

  1. Convince the Chelonians to let you take Jamie peacefully.
  2. Return Jamie to Mary within 2 minutes.


What is Red Dead Redemption 2: We Loved Once and True?

Red Dead Redemption 2: We Loved Once and True is a new expansion for the popular video game Red Dead Redemption 2. It is a story-driven expansion that takes place in the same world as the main game and follows the adventures of Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang. The expansion is divided into two parts, with the first part being released in August 2021 and the second part to be released at a later date.

What is the gameplay like in We Loved Once and True?

The gameplay in We Loved Once and True is similar to that of Red Dead Redemption 2. Players will have to complete various missions and tasks in order to progress through the story. There are also numerous side missions and activities to take part in, such as hunting, fishing, and gambling. The expansion also introduces new characters and locations, as well as new weapons and clothing options.

Do I need to have played Red Dead Redemption 2 to play We Loved Once and True?

Yes, you will need to have the base game of Red Dead Redemption 2 in order to play We Loved Once and True. The expansion is not a standalone game and requires the base game to be installed on your system. Additionally, it is recommended that players have completed the main story of Red Dead Redemption 2 before starting the expansion, as it takes place after the events of the main game and contains spoilers for the story.

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