Red Dead Redemption 2: Visiting Hours – step-by-step guide

Our Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide and Walkthrough provides a detailed description of the Visiting Hours mission. During this mission, you will need to break into a prison to rescue John. Our guide will help you to get a gold medal.

Visiting Hours is one of the main missions in Red Dead Redemption 2. Arthur and Sadie are heading towards Sisika island to save John.

How to unlock: Complete the \”Icarus and Friends\” mission first.

Walkthrough: Meet up with Sadie and sail towards the island. Once you arrive, sneak inside the watchtower and eliminate the guard quietly. Wait for Sadie and grab the rifle with the scope. Find two guards, activate Dead Eye and shoot them in the head.

Move towards the bodies and watch the cut-scene. Proceed with the captured guard and start the final part of the mission – escaping from the island. The standard way to complete this part is to fall back gradually while defeating the incoming enemies and protecting your friends.

However, there is a faster way to complete this section (and get closer to the gold medal). After freeing the guard, turn around and run across the bridge. Don\’t worry about your friends, they will catch up with you soon enough.

Run through the fields, go past the incoming guards on the left and keep sprinting.

Finally, you reach the river and your boat. You can keep moving backward and hide behind covers if you want to, but this will take a lot of time and there are many enemies. Arthur might get shot while waiting for Sadie to tell you to fall back. If you get shot, you will have to reload the last checkpoint. Instead, start running towards the boat.

You will have to kill a few enemies that are still on the shore. Watch a few cut-scenes and then head back to camp with John.

How to get a gold medal in Visiting Hours?

  1. Get headshots on both prison guards when sniping from the tower – Use Dead Eye to ensure that you shoot the guards in the head.

  2. Escape to the boat within 2 minutes and 45 seconds – The best way to complete this part is to run towards the boat.

  3. Complete the mission within 9 minutes – Skipping the firefight at the end of the mission will give you plenty of time.

  4. Complete the mission with at least 80% accuracy – Your accuracy will determine if you meet this requirement.

  5. Complete the mission without using any health items.


1. What is Red Dead Redemption 2: Visiting Hours?

Red Dead Redemption 2: Visiting Hours is a mission in the game where the player has to break into a prison and rescue a character named Sean MacGuire. The mission involves stealth gameplay and requires the player to avoid detection by guards and other inmates. The player has to use their wits and skills to get past obstacles and enemies to complete the mission.

2. How do I start the Visiting Hours mission?

The Visiting Hours mission becomes available after completing the \”Further Questions of Female Suffrage\” mission. Once the mission becomes available, the player can start it by going to the designated location on the map. The mission will start automatically once the player reaches the location.

3. What are some tips for completing the Visiting Hours mission?

One of the most important tips for completing the Visiting Hours mission is to use stealth and avoid detection by guards and other inmates. The player should also take advantage of the environment and use cover to avoid being seen. It\’s also important to take out enemies quietly and quickly to avoid attracting attention. The player should also be prepared for a fight and bring plenty of weapons and ammunition.

4. What are the rewards for completing the Visiting Hours mission?

The rewards for completing the Visiting Hours mission include money, experience points, and an increase in honor. The player will also unlock the \”Friends in Very Low Places\” mission, which is a continuation of the Sean MacGuire storyline. Completing the mission will also contribute to the completion percentage of the game.

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