Red Dead Redemption 2: Understanding the Honor System and Its Impact on Gameplay

This Red Dead Redemption 2 guide provides an in-depth look at the Honor system and how it influences gameplay.

Honor is essentially your reputation in the game, which can be increased or decreased based on your actions. This guide covers the ins and outs of the system and how it affects your playthrough.

  • How do you check your current Honor status?
  • How do you gain positive Honor?
  • How do you earn negative Honor?
  • What impact does the Honor system have on the game?

How do you check your current Honor status?

At the start of the game, your Honor bar is neutral. Positive deeds increase your Honor, while negative deeds decrease it. You can check your current Honor rating in two ways:

  1. Press the lower direction on your gamepad’s cross to view the Honor bar at the bottom of the screen. White represents positive Honor, while red represents negative Honor.
  2. Access the main character menu to view your Honor status.

How do you gain positive Honor?

The game rewards a variety of good deeds with positive Honor points, including:

  1. Helping innocent people you encounter, such as providing medical treatment or saving a civilian from bandits.
  2. Greeting people you meet in the game world, such as patrons in a saloon.
  3. Donating to the camp’s development and performing camp chores, such as carrying heavy bags.
  4. Making certain decisions while completing quests, such as releasing someone instead of killing them.

How do you earn negative Honor?

The game penalizes negative behavior with negative Honor points, including:

  1. Killing innocent people and lawmen.
  2. Stealing from others or plundering buildings that aren’t yours, including horses.
  3. Robbing shops, stagecoaches, and trains.
  4. Killing domesticated animals like dogs or pigs.
  5. Making certain decisions while completing quests, such as violence instead of peaceful resolutions or refusing to help allies.

What impact does the Honor system have on the game?

With few exceptions, the game rewards positive Honor points. Benefits of high Honor include:

  1. Shop prices can be reduced by up to 50% for unique weapons, horses and outfits after achieving a high positive Honor level, which is beneficial for buyers.

  2. It\’s possible to find more specific types of loot, such as medicines, food or jewelry.

  3. Access to new costumes that can be purchased is unlocked, and the game will notify you of their availability.

Furthermore, achieving the highest or lowest Honor level unlocks the bronze trophy Extreme Personality.


What is the Honor system in Red Dead Redemption 2?

The Honor system in Red Dead Redemption 2 is a gameplay mechanic that tracks the player\’s actions and decisions throughout the game. Each action has a corresponding Honor value, either positive or negative, that affects the player\’s overall Honor level. Positive actions include helping strangers, defending others, and donating money to charity. Negative actions include killing innocent people, stealing, and committing crimes. The Honor system also affects how NPCs perceive and interact with the player, with more honorable players being greeted and helped more often, while less honorable players may face hostility or even attacks.

How does the Honor system affect the game?

The Honor system has several effects on the game. Firstly, it affects the player\’s interactions with NPCs, as mentioned above. In addition, the player\’s Honor level affects how certain missions play out, with some missions only being available to players with a high enough Honor level. The player\’s Honor level also affects the ending of the game, with different endings depending on whether the player has a high or low Honor level. Finally, the Honor system affects the player\’s overall experience of the game, with players who choose to play honorably feeling a greater sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, while those who choose to play dishonorably may feel more challenged and face greater consequences for their actions.

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