Red Dead Redemption 2: Understanding Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Cores

This guide for Red Dead Redemption 2 provides information on cores and Dead Eye. The three attributes – health, stamina, and Dead Eye – are explained, including the differences between the bars and the cores. Additionally, the guide covers how to regenerate the cores.

Health, stamina, and Dead Eye are the main attributes of the game\’s protagonist. These attributes have regular bars that surround the heart, lighting, and eye icons and also have cores. The page discusses the usage of cores and how to regenerate them in RDR2.

  • Distinguishing between bars and cores
  • Core depletion and usage
  • Regenerating bars and cores
  • Fortifying energy bars and cores
  • Horse bars and cores

Distinguishing Between Bars and Cores

The most important thing to note is the shape of the bars and cores. Bars are white and circular, while cores have heart, lighting, and eye icons. The length of the bars varies, and they can be extended by making progress in the game. The character development chapter discusses this topic in detail.

Cores are \”full\” by default and deplete over time. A depleted part of a core becomes darker.

Core Depletion and Usage

Energy bars are the first to deplete during an action:

  1. The health bar depletes when Arthur receives damage.
  2. The stamina bar depletes when Arthur performs various actions (i.e. running, swimming, or climbing).
  3. The Dead Eye bar depletes when you use this mode (it slows the time down).

Cores can be used as a spare bar. For example, when Arthur\’s health bar gets depleted, the game treats the Health Core as a new source of health points. Arthur dies when his Health Core is empty. The same goes for stamina and the Dead Eye Cores.

The rate of regenerating bars is affected by the Cores. A full Stamina Core has the fastest rate of regenerating the stamina bar. A depleted core won\’t regenerate the corresponding bar at all.

Cores can deplete when not in use and when:

  1. The hero\’s weight isn\’t optimal – when he is obese or too skinny.
  2. The hero isn\’t wearing an outfit suitable for the current weather (use winter and summer clothes accordingly to a region).
  3. The hero has received a negative status effect, i.e. has been poisoned by a snake.

Cores don\’t deplete when in the gang hideout, and they deplete slower while riding on your horse.

Regenerating Bars and Cores

Bars and Cores can be regenerated in different ways. Some methods work for a few attributes while others work only on one of the three. The following methods are the most important:

  1. Rest. You can rest by sleeping in your gang hideout, setting up camp, or staying at a hotel.
  2. Cleanliness. You can take a bath at any hotel to stay clean.
  3. Food, drinks, and tonics. Each curative has a unique effect. Some can regenerate your energy bar or Core, while others can affect multiple attributes. Be careful with items that regenerate one attribute but have a negative effect on another. For example, cigarettes can restore a bit of the Dead Eye Core but have a negative effect on the Stamina Core.
  4. Successful kills. This method only works for the Dead Eye bar.

Search enemies and locations for food, drinks, and tonics to always have enough items for the attributes you need. Basic food products are cheap at stores, but more advanced medicaments can cost a few dollars per unit.

Strengthening Energy Bars and Cores

You can fortify energy bars and Cores to temporarily protect yourself from depleting attributes. You can use certain items found in the game or bought at stores to fortify them (the picture above shows one of the tonics). Save these items for tougher fights and missions.

Horse Energy Bars and Cores

Each horse in the game has their own energy bars and Cores for Health and Stamina. These bars deplete and regenerate similarly to Arthur\’s. The Health bar depletes when the horse receives damage, while the Stamina bar depletes when the horse is galloping for a prolonged period of time.

You can regenerate the horse\’s parameters by cleaning the animal with a brush and feeding them. There are various types of food in the game that can regenerate bars and Cores. Some, like apples, can also be consumed by Arthur, while others, like hay, are reserved only for your horse. You can find them in the world or buy them at stables.


What are Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Cores in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Cores are important elements of the gameplay in Red Dead Redemption 2. They represent the overall condition of the character and affect his abilities during the game. Health Core represents the physical health of the character, Stamina Core shows how much endurance and stamina the character has, while Dead Eye Core determines the level of accuracy and precision in shooting.

How do Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Cores work in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Cores gradually decrease over time and with physical exertion, such as running, fighting or shooting. To replenish these Cores, players need to consume food and drinks, sleep, or use special tonics and elixirs. Keeping the Cores at high levels is essential for maintaining the character\’s abilities and increasing the chances of survival during intense gameplay. Neglecting the Cores can result in a weaker character, who is more vulnerable to injuries and mistakes, which can ultimately lead to failure during missions or battles.

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