Red Dead Redemption 2: Tips for Fishing – Baits, Lures, Controls

This guide is all about fishing in Red Dead Redemption 2. We\’ll cover everything from baits and lures to controls and tips for successful fishing. With our help, you\’ll be reeling in big catches in no time.

Fishing is a popular side activity in Red Dead Redemption 2, and it can be a great way to earn money, gather food for your camp, or simply take a break from the game\’s more violent activities. Arthur receives his fishing rod during the A Fisher of Men mission in chapter 2, and while fishing isn\’t a major part of the game\’s story, it can still be a fun and rewarding diversion.

That said, fishing in Red Dead Redemption 2 can be challenging, so we\’ve put together some tips to help you get the most out of this activity. If you\’re looking for an even greater challenge, we also have a guide to catching legendary fish.

  • Where to find bait and lures
  • Tips for successful fishing
  • Controls for fishing
  • Types of bait and lures available

Where to Find Bait and Lures

Before you head out to fish, make sure you stop by a store to stock up on bait and lures. The Bait Shop in Lagras is one option, as it offers a wide variety of baits. Alternatively, you can purchase worms or slices of cheese from any General Store.


  1. Before you start fishing, clear the area of any enemies, especially alligators, which can interrupt your fishing at any time.
  2. Take breaks to avoid getting tired and maintain your performance. Also, pay attention to weather conditions, avoiding fishing during storms or strong winds, which can make fishing more difficult and allow fish to escape.
  3. Cast your bait only in places where you see fish, and release any fish you catch unless you need them for resources or money.
  4. If you catch a big fish, either cook it immediately or take it back to camp, as your horse can only carry one big fish.
  5. Swim in a boat to reduce the risk of interruption and catch more interesting species.
  6. Hold the left trigger to attract fish and don\’t reel when a fish is pulling on the line.


Select bait and lure

Prepare to cast or brace the reel

Cast the bait or start reeling

Attach another bait after catching a fish or cut the line to cast again

Move the rod to steer a fish or continue reeling

Baits and Lures


  1. Bread – smaller fish, such as pickerel and bass
  2. Corn – smaller fish, such as bullhead catfish
  3. Cheese – medium fish, such as bass
  4. Crickets – medium fish, such as trout


The list presents different types of fish and their habitats. River lure is a small to medium-sized fish found in rivers, while lake lure is a medium to large fish found in lakes. Swamp lure, on the other hand, is a large fish that inhabits swamps. There are also special lures for each habitat that are used to catch large and legendary fish. To catch any of these fish, it is important to use both a bobber and a lure.


1. What are the best baits and lures for fishing in Red Dead Redemption 2?

In Red Dead Redemption 2, the best baits and lures for fishing depend on the type of fish you\’re trying to catch. For small fish like Perch and Redfin Pickerel, use live Crayfish or Corn. For larger fish like Northern Pike and Lake Sturgeon, use Special Lake Lure or River Lure. You can also use Naturalist Baits like Worms or Crickets to catch a variety of fish. Don\’t forget to change your bait or lure if you\’re not getting any bites.

2. How do I control the fishing rod in Red Dead Redemption 2?

To control the fishing rod in Red Dead Redemption 2, hold down the left trigger and press the right trigger to cast your line. Once your line is in the water, use the left stick to move your rod and the right stick to reel in your line. Keep an eye on the tension meter in the bottom right corner of the screen to avoid breaking your line. You can also use the left stick to move your rod up and down to attract fish to your bait or lure.

3. Can I fish in any body of water in Red Dead Redemption 2?

No, you can\’t fish in any body of water in Red Dead Redemption 2. You can only fish in designated fishing spots marked on your map with a fish icon. These spots can be found in rivers, lakes, and ponds throughout the game world. Some fishing spots require you to complete certain missions or challenges before you can access them.

4. How do I unlock new fishing spots in Red Dead Redemption 2?

To unlock new fishing spots in Red Dead Redemption 2, you need to complete certain missions or challenges. For example, completing the \”A Fisher of Fish\” mission for Jeremy Gill will unlock new Legendary Fish locations. Catching all of the Legendary Fish will unlock the \”Fisher of Fish\” outfit and allow you to fish in any body of water in the game. You can also unlock new fishing spots by purchasing maps from the General Store or Fence.

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