Red Dead Redemption 2: The Kings Son – Step-by-Step Guide

If you\’re looking for a comprehensive guide and walkthrough for Red Dead Redemption 2, you\’ve come to the right place. In the mission \”The King\’s Son,\” Arthur and Charles discover that the military has captured Eagle Flies. To rescue him, they must journey to Fort Wallace. Our walkthrough for Red Dead Redemption 2 covers all the details of this mission.

On this page, we\’ll take you through the step-by-step process of completing \”The King\’s Son.\” When Arthur and Charles learn of Eagle Flies\’ capture, they head to Fort Wallace to free him.

How to unlock: Complete \”Favored Sons\” and \”The Fine Art of Conversation\”.

Walkthrough: Once the cut-scene ends, go with Charles to the fort. Your first objective is to eliminate the guards at the entrance. Activate Dead Eye and take out both guards, ensuring that Charles doesn\’t kill anyone – this is necessary to earn a gold medal in this mission.

Proceed along the palisade, remaining undetected. Eventually, you\’ll encounter two guards – one at the top of the tower and another at the base. Use Dead Eye again to take out both enemies.

When you reach the palisade, locate Charles and select the option to eliminate the enemies yourself. Use a bow to take out the enemy in front of you and progress. Eliminate another enemy who is standing alone on the pier.

Keep moving forward. After a while, you\’ll encounter two more enemies – use Dead Eye once again to kill them before Charles can \”assist\” you.

Enter the tower, pass through it, and eliminate another guard. Continue on this path and descend the stairs. When you reach the crates, go left, climb the ladder, and eliminate the enemy you encounter on the palisade. Proceed past the corpse, aim at the lamp next to the tent, and shoot it.

Return to Charles and enter the hut where Eagle Flies is being held. Once you free him, you\’ll face a battle against alerted enemies. Stay close to your comrades and eliminate the soldiers. When your path is blocked, man the cannon and blast the front gate to create an escape route.

Now, you and your companions must flee from the pursuing enemies. Make your way to the boat while fighting off opposition. Defend against the enemy assault and board the canoe. Eliminate the enemies who will try to shoot you from the shore. Eventually, you\’ll escape and finish the mission successfully.

How to Earn a Gold Medal in \”The King\’s Son\”?

  1. Eliminate every soldier on the way to Eagle Flies with a headshot – Despite Charles\’ willingness to assist, make sure you eliminate all the guards yourself. Use Dead Eye when there are two guards to kill simultaneously.
  2. Eliminate 15 enemies while escaping on the canoe – At the end of the mission, you\’ll need to take out 15 enemies as you flee on the boat.
  3. Complete the mission with at least 80% accuracy – As with many other missions in Red Dead Redemption 2, aim well to display good accuracy.


1. What is Red Dead Redemption 2: The King\’s Son?

Red Dead Redemption 2: The King\’s Son is a DLC (downloadable content) for the critically acclaimed video game Red Dead Redemption 2. It is a new story campaign that follows the adventures of Arthur Morgan, the main protagonist of the original game, as he helps a young prince escape from his pursuers. The DLC introduces new characters, weapons, and locations, and expands on the already rich and immersive world of Red Dead Redemption 2.

2. How do I access The King\’s Son DLC?

The King\’s Son DLC is available for purchase and download from the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store. Once you have purchased and downloaded the DLC, you can access it by launching Red Dead Redemption 2 and selecting \”Story\” from the main menu. The King\’s Son will appear as a separate campaign that you can select and play.

3. What are some tips for playing The King\’s Son?

The King\’s Son introduces new gameplay mechanics and challenges, so here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Pay attention to the prince\’s health and well-being. He is your main priority, and you must keep him safe and healthy at all times.
  • Use stealth and tactics to avoid confrontations whenever possible. You are outnumbered and outgunned, and direct combat can be risky.
  • Explore the new locations and interact with the new characters. The King\’s Son offers a lot of new content and lore, so take your time and enjoy the ride.

4. Is The King\’s Son worth playing?

If you enjoyed Red Dead Redemption 2 and want more of the same immersive storytelling and gameplay, then The King\’s Son is definitely worth playing. It offers a fresh perspective on the world of Red Dead Redemption 2, and adds a lot of new content and challenges to the game. However, if you are not a fan of the original game or the western genre, then The King\’s Son may not be for you.

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