Red Dead Redemption 2: The Course of True Love 4-5 – Guide, Map

This guide is about The Course of True Love IV-V, a mission continuation from Chapter 3 of RDR2. Completing this mission rewards additional honor points.

These missions, The Course of True Love IV and The Course of True Love V, are new side quests in Red Dead Redemption 2. In Chapter 6, Arthur can help Penelope and Beau run away from their families who disapprove of their relationship.

Note that Parts I-III of The Course of True Love were mandatory story missions in Chapter 3. Completing the fourth and fifth parts is not necessary to progress in the main plot.

You can continue the lovers\’ story arc in Chapter 6 by waiting for a letter from Penelope at Dutch\’s gang camp in Butcher Creek, found on the chest beside Arthur\’s bed. Penelope requests Arthur\’s help to escape with Beau.

Penelope will be waiting for Arthur in a small building near the western border of Braithwaite Manor. You need to take her on horseback to the train station in Rhodes where she plans to meet Beau for their journey together.

Once you arrive at the station, a brawl will break out with hostile relatives. Defeat them quickly to catch the train, or chase after it on horseback. Once on board, eliminate any enemies and reach the compartment where Beau and Penelope are waiting.

The train will stop unexpectedly and Arthur will have to replace the driver. Control the train using the central console, and reach Riggs Station where Beau and Penelope will get off. As a gift, Arthur will receive a valuable bracelet which he can choose to keep or return to the couple for positive honor.


1. What is The Course of True Love 4-5 in Red Dead Redemption 2?

The Course of True Love 4-5 is a mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. It is part of a questline featuring the character of Beau Gray, a wealthy young man with a complicated love life. In this mission, the player character, Arthur Morgan, helps Beau to elope with his lover, Penelope Braithwaite, despite the objections of her family.

2. Where does The Course of True Love 4-5 take place?

The mission takes place in the Braithwaite Manor, a large plantation owned by the Braithwaite family. The manor is located in the Scarlett Meadows region of the game\’s map, which is in the southern part of the game world. The manor is a large, sprawling building with many rooms and areas to explore, including a stable, a garden, and a secret tunnel.

3. How do you complete The Course of True Love 4-5?

To complete the mission, the player must first meet with Beau and Penelope in the stables outside the manor. From there, they must sneak into the manor and avoid detection from the guards and other characters. The player must then find Penelope and help her escape through a secret tunnel. After escaping the manor, the player must help Beau and Penelope avoid pursuit and reach a rendezvous point where they can elope.

4. Are there any rewards for completing The Course of True Love 4-5?

Completing the mission will reward the player with a boost to their honor rating, as well as some additional dialogue and interactions with Beau and Penelope in future missions. Additionally, the player can find a unique item in the manor\’s garden if they explore thoroughly.

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