Red Dead Redemption 2: List, Maps, and Tips for Fulfilling Gang Member Item Requests

This Red Dead Redemption 2 guide and walkthrough provides information on the 17 items gang members request from Arthur, where to find them, and what rewards to expect.

In Red Dead Redemption 2, the Dutch gang members are friendly with Arthur and will ask him to bring them various items. This page contains information on the locations of the requested items for your companions in RDR2.

  • General Information
  • Abigail
  • Bill
  • Charles
  • Dutch
  • Hosea
  • Jack
  • Javier
  • Kieran
  • Lenny
  • Mary-Beth
  • Molly
  • Pearson
  • Sadie
  • Sean
  • Susan
  • Tilly
  • Uncle

General Information

  1. You can start looking for these items right from the beginning; some of them are in prearranged and/or widely available locations. However, you can only give these items to your friends when they ask for them. Arthur needs to learn that a specific gang member is looking for something. Usually, this happens when a gang member speaks to the main character during his visit at the current camp (see picture 1). This request is also added to your log (the picture 2). There are only a few instances where request circumstances are different, i.e., when you are traveling with someone during a mission.
  2. The majority of conversations with the gang members happen during the day, but some meetings can only be triggered at night. Visit the camp at different hours or use your bed to speed up the time.
  3. Almost all requests happen in chapters 2-4. There are only a few exceptions, some of them can appear after the epilogue.
  4. Bring the requested items to improve your relations with a given character and to receive honor points. Also, these gang members should give you something as a gift; this happens after some time passes (i.e., after 24 hours). These items will appear on the crate next to Arthur\’s bed.
  5. Complete any 5 requests to unlock Errand Boy achievement/trophy. Start fulfilling requests after you reach the second chapter.
  6. Due to bugs, finding some of the gang members can be problematic. Don\’t expect to complete all of the requests during your playthrough. However, you should visit the camp as often as possible and always stop when someone talks to Arthur. Not every conversation ends with a request, but doing that will reduce the risk of missing them.


Abigail\’s request is rather unusual. The woman asks for $5. You won\’t receive anything besides a few honor points.


Bill asks for a Hair Pomade. This item can be bought at a store or found somewhere in the world. As a reward, Bill will give you repeater ammo.


Charles can ask Arthur for three different items:

  1. Moonshine can be obtained by finding a bottle while exploring or buying it from fencers. Charles rewards fire arrows for it.

  2. Oleander is a red and poisonous herb found while exploring. Charles rewards poison arrows for it.

  3. Eagle Feather is only available in the epilogue and requires hunting down an eagle. Charles rewards a Horse Reviver for it.


Dutch wants Arthur to find his lost Pipe. It can be found in a small cabin located in the west part of West Elizabeth. A grizzly bear will attack Arthur, but once it is killed, Dutch\’s Pipe can be found next to the typewriter. In return, Dutch rewards Spurs.


Hosea requests two items: American Ginseng, which can be found during exploration, and the Shrew in the Fog book, which can be found in a cabin near Saint Denis. Hosea rewards Potent Medicine and Predator Bait for them, respectively.


Jack requests Abigail\’s Thimble, which can be stolen from the gang hideout, and the Penny Dreadful comic book, which can be found in various locations, including a cabin east of Emerald Ranch. Jack rewards a drawing and a chocolate bar for them, respectively.


Javier requests Oleander, a red and poisonous herb found while exploring. In return, he rewards Poisoned Throwing Knives.


Kieran requests 2 Burdock Roots, which can be found while exploring. In return, he rewards a Horse Medicine.


Lenny requests the Silver Pocket Watch, which can be found in the same small cabin in West Elizabeth where Dutch\’s Pipe is located. In return, he rewards unspecified items.

Arthur is threatened by a Grizzly bear inside the cabin and must kill it to proceed. Once the bear is defeated, Arthur can enter the cabin where he will find a watch next to a typewriter (as seen in the picture above). Lenny will then give him a dynamite.


Mary-Beth requests that Arthur retrieve a unique item known as the Fountain Pen.

If you\’re searching for the Fountain Pen in RDR2, head to the cabin marked in the above picture. This cabin is situated east of Emerald Ranch.

Search the night drawer located near the woman\’s corpse to find the pen. Mary-Beth will reward you with a ring.


Molly tasks Arthur with retrieving a unique item known as the Pocket Mirror.

To find the Pocket Mirror in RDR2, make your way to the cabin in the woods (as shown in the above picture). This cabin is situated northeast of Emerald Ranch and west of Annesburg. The Trapper\’s camp is south of this cabin.

Enter the cabin and search the night drawer near the bed to find the mirror. Molly will reward you with a cigar.


Pearson requests two items from Arthur:

  1. Naval Compass – Search the building near the water (as shown in picture 1) located next to Braithwaite Manor (north of Rhodes). Approach the building from either its north or south side. Once inside the manor, be prepared to fight off guards. The compass can be found on the table (as seen in picture 2). Pearson will reward you with a bottle of rum.
  2. Rabbit – You can hunt this animal anywhere in the game world. Pearson will reward you with a Nutritious Stew.


Sadie asks Arthur to retrieve a unique item known as the Harmonica.

If you\’re searching for the Harmonica in RDR2, head to Emmet Granger\’s farm (as shown in the above picture). This location is situated near Flatneck Station (south of Valentine). You will visit this location during The Noblest of Man, and a Woman side quest.

Enter the main building and search one of the shelves to find the Harmonica. Sadie will reward you with Gun Oil.


Sean asks Arthur for Kentucky Bourbon. This alcohol can be found in the game world or purchased from a store. Sean will reward you with a Fire Bottle.


Susan asks Arthur for 2 units of Oregano. You can find this herb anywhere in the game world. Susan will reward you with a Potent Miracle Tonic.


Tilly asks Arthur for a Necklace, which is a common jewelry item found throughout the game. Search containers (especially those locked with a key) and loot corpses to find it. Tilly will reward you with a Medicine.


Uncle asks Arthur for a Medicinal Cream, which can be crafted. Uncle will reward you with clothes.


What are item requests in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Item requests are tasks given by gang members in Red Dead Redemption 2, where they ask the player to bring them specific items that they need. These items can range from herbs and animal hides to rare items like pocket watches and jewelry. Completing these requests will increase the player\’s honor and improve their relationship with the gang member, which can unlock new dialogue and interactions with them. The requests can be found by talking to gang members in the camp, and the player can track their progress in the log section of the pause menu.

Where can I find the items for the gang member requests?

The items needed for gang member requests can be found all over the game world of Red Dead Redemption 2. Some items, like herbs and animal hides, can be found in specific areas or by hunting specific animals. Rare items like pocket watches and jewelry can be found by looting houses, robbing trains or stagecoaches, or by completing specific missions or side quests. It\’s recommended to keep an eye out for these items while exploring the game world, and to always have a few on hand in case a gang member makes a request. Maps and guides are also available online to help locate the more rare and elusive items.

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