Red Dead Redemption 2: Lindsey Wofford – Mission for Bounty Hunting

This is a guide and walkthrough for Red Dead Redemption 2.

The fugitive Lindsey Wofford is wanted dead or alive and capturing him is rewarded with $100. The pursuit of Wofford also leads to a collector\’s card, which is one of the secrets in RDR2.

This page provides a description of the mission where you have to track down Lindsey Wofford. You can either capture him alive or kill him and deliver his body to the law officers. Our walkthrough explains the location of the bandits\’ fort and suggests tactics to use.

You can obtain the bounty hunter\’s contract by visiting the police station in Saint Denis and checking the wanted poster hanging on the wall. A law officer can provide you with more information about the wanted letter.

The fort in Mossy Flats, occupied by bandits, is where you must go. It is located far north of the city.

You are not required to bring Lindsey to Saint Denis for this mission, which is a big convenience, as you can easily kill him. After entering the fort and calling the fugitive, you can wait until he stands by the cannon next to the red barrel (as shown in the picture above). Hitting the barrel will cause an explosion.

If you want to capture the bandit alive, first deal with other enemies and only approach the target at the very end. Use your lasso. Whatever technique you choose, watch out for other bandits from the fort, including a few enemies who can reach this location once you have started fighting.

Note – There is a collector\’s card hidden in the fort.

Place unconscious Lindsey or his corpse on the horse and head back towards Saint Denis. On the way, Arthur will encounter a group of hostile bounty hunters who want to pick up Wofford and claim the reward for themselves. Attack them as soon as they appear and use the Dead Eye skill.

When you return to the town, place Wofford in the cell or leave his corpse in the cart at the back of the building. Completing the mission rewards you with $100.


1. Who is Lindsey Wofford in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Lindsey Wofford is a notorious outlaw featured in a bounty hunting mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. He is the leader of the Wofford Gang, which is known for committing various crimes in the game\’s world. Players are tasked with hunting him down and bringing him to justice.

2. What is the objective of the Lindsey Wofford bounty hunting mission?

The objective of the Lindsey Wofford bounty hunting mission is to capture him and bring him to the authorities alive. Players must track him down, fight his gang members, and ultimately confront him. The mission is challenging and requires strategic planning and skillful gameplay.

3. Where can players find the Lindsey Wofford bounty hunting mission?

Players can find the Lindsey Wofford bounty hunting mission by visiting the bounty board in the town of Rhodes. The mission becomes available after completing a series of other bounty hunting missions and progressing through the game\’s story. Once the mission is selected, players will be guided to the location where Wofford and his gang are hiding.

4. What are the rewards for completing the Lindsey Wofford bounty hunting mission?

Players who successfully complete the Lindsey Wofford bounty hunting mission will receive a monetary reward and an increase in their bounty hunter rank. The amount of money rewarded depends on how quickly the mission is completed and how well it is executed. Additionally, players will gain a sense of accomplishment for capturing one of the game\’s most notorious outlaws.

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