Red Dead Redemption 2: Lemoyne – Map of the World Atlas

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On this page, you will find a world atlas map of the Lemoyne region in Red Dead Redemption 2. This map will help you locate important activities and missions that start in this region.

Important Points in Red Dead Redemption 2 – Atlas – Lemoyne

Locations to take note of on the map

Starting points for Stranger missions

Unique secret locations

Locations to take note of on the map:

1 – Clemens Point

2 – Shady Belle

3 – Rhodes

4 – Saint Denis

5 – Lakay

Starting points for Stranger missions:

1 – Rhodes missions: Billy Midnight (gunslinger from the The Noblest of Man, and a Woman mission); Mark Johnson (bounty hunter); Robbie Laidlaw (bounty hunter); The Iniquities of History I; No Good Deed; The Ties That Bind Us I,II

2 – Black Belle (gunslinger from the The Noblest of Man, and a Woman mission)

3 – Saint Denis missions: Fundraiser; Lindsey Wofford (bounty hunter); The Artist\’s Way; The Mercies of Knowledge; Help a Brother Out; Brothers and Sisters, One and All; A Bright Bouncing Boy I; Fatherhood and Other Dreams II; Idealism and Pragmatism for Beginners; Of Men and Angels; Anthony Foreman (bounty hunter)

4 – Money Lending and Other Sins IV

5 – He\’s British, Of Course I,V

6 – He\’s British, Of Course III

7 – The Iniquities of History II

8 – Arcadia for Amateurs IV

9 – Shady Belle missions: Money Lending and Other Sins V; Fatherhood and Other Dreams I

10 – The Mercies of Knowledge III

11 – The Noblest of Man, and a Woman III

12 – Duchesses and Other Animals

13 – The Ties That Bind Us III

14 – The Course of True Love V

15 – American Dreams (one of the three crime scenes)

16 – A Fine Night for It

This page in our Red Dead Redemption 2 guide contains the world atlas map of Lemoyne region. This is one of the starting regions visited during the game and is related to main and side missions available in chapters 3, 4, and subsequent chapters. This region also features Cigarette Cards, Dinosaur Bones, and lairs of Legendary Animals.

The following are the topics covered in the Lemoyne region:

– General information about Lemoyne, including gang hideouts and important locations.

– The most important locations in Lemoyne, such as towns and gang hideouts.

– Hunting wild animals in Lemoyne, which can be dangerous due to the presence of deadly species like alligators.

– Side missions available in Lemoyne, which can be started in towns like Rhodes and Saint Denis.

– The most important secrets in Lemoyne, which are not explicitly mentioned but can be discovered through exploration.

Lemoyne is a region that Arthur visits at the beginning of chapter 3. It has three gang hideouts, one near Rhodes during chapter 3, one on the swamps south-west of Saint Denis during chapter 4, and another near Lagras during chapter 5. Rhodes is an important town in chapter 3, where Arthur can start side missions and visit stores. However, he can\’t use his weapons in the town or near it, although this changes later in the game. Saint Denis is the biggest and most important location in the game, offering numerous main and side missions, stores, and services such as a unique tailor store, trapper shop, photo studio, and theater.

In Lemoyne, the most important locations include Dutch\’s gang hideouts, including one in Clemens Point near water west of Rhodes during chapter 3, one in Shady Belle on marshes near Saint Denis during chapter 4, and another in Lakay on the swamps next to Lagras during chapter 5. Other important locations include Rhodes and Saint Denis, where Arthur can start quests, visit stores, and complete numerous missions. However, while moving through Saint Denis on horseback, he should be careful not to hit anyone and get a bounty.

Hunting wild animals in Lemoyne can be dangerous due to the presence of deadly species like alligators. The western part of the region consists of small forests and open spaces, while the eastern part is more interesting and dangerous due to the marshes that are home to unique animal species.

Overall, Lemoyne is a region full of important locations, side missions, and unique animal species, making it an exciting and dangerous place to explore in the game.

  1. There are alligators in Lemoyne.
  2. Boars can also be found in West Elizabeth.
  3. Bullfrogs are present.
  4. Crabs can also be found in New Austin.
  5. There are cranes.
  6. Egrets are there.
  7. Heron is present.
  8. Oxen can also be found in New Hanover.
  9. Panthers are present.
  10. Parakeets can be found.
  11. Pelicans can also be found in West Elizabeth.
  12. Pigs can also be found in New Hanover.
  13. Spoonbills are present.
  14. Turtles can also be found in New Austin.

Side missions to try in Lemoyne

We have marked the places where you can start and continue side missions in Lemoyne. Below is a list of all the side missions available in Lemoyne, one of the regions in RDR2.

Here is a list of various missions and quests that you can complete in the game. Some of them are bounty hunting missions, while others are side quests that you can do. To unlock certain missions, you may have to complete specific requirements, such as capturing a specific character or reaching a particular chapter in the campaign. You can find more information on how to complete these missions in our guide.

Top Secrets to Explore in Lemoyne

If you\’re exploring Lemoyne, check out the hidden locations listed below. These spots are filled with Easter eggs, unique loot, and unusual locations. The yellow dots indicate the unique secret locations.

1) Ghost train. Take a ride down the railroad tracks at night between Lemoyne and Rhodes and discover a train that defies reality.

2) Ghost woman. Head to Bluewater Marsh and find a floating ghost woman above the swamps. Get closer to it and add the encounter to your journal.

3) Giant anaconda. Spot the snake hanging on a tree and switch to FPP mode for a better view.

4) Mysterious well. Check out the eerie signs inside the well that seem straight out of a horror movie.

5) House on water. Explore the boat next to the house and use it to navigate the swamps. Inside the house, find a Cigarette Card and unique phonograph.

6) Haunted town of Pleasance. Check out the buildings to find a Cigarette Card, comic book, and unique elixir.

7) Penitentiary. Visit this location during the main storyline and catch a legendary fish at the nearby fishing spot.

8) Shipwreck. Reach it by boat and find the Tricorn Hat and unique elixir.

9) Building near the lake. Avoid Braithwaite guards and explore the building for a compass and Cigarette Card.

10) Destroyed boat. Find the Broken Pirate Sword and a skeleton inside the boat.

11) Sunken house. Discover the Cat Skull Mask inside the building.

12) Lagras. Encounter the Night Folk, who travel at night and start the \”A Fine Night for It\” side quest.

13) Bolger Glade. Explore the battlefield and ruined church to find valuables, a Cigarette Card, and unique elixir.


What is Lemoyne on the Red Dead Redemption 2 world atlas map?

Lemoyne is a region located in the southeastern part of the Red Dead Redemption 2 world atlas map. It is one of the five states in the game and is known for its swamps, alligator-infested waters, and lush forests. The region is based on the real-life state of Louisiana and features a mix of both urban and rural environments. The city of Saint Denis, which is the largest city in the game, is located in Lemoyne. The region is also home to several gangs and factions, including the Lemoyne Raiders and the night folk. Players can explore this region to complete various missions, hunt for animals and fish, and find collectibles scattered throughout the area.

What are some notable landmarks in Lemoyne on the Red Dead Redemption 2 world atlas map?

Lemoyne features several notable landmarks that players can explore in Red Dead Redemption 2. One of the most significant landmarks is the city of Saint Denis, which is the largest city in the game and is located in the heart of Lemoyne. Other notable landmarks include the Braithwaite Manor, which is home to the Braithwaite family, and the Gray Plantation, which is home to the Gray family. Players can also explore the Bayou Nwa, which is a vast swamp area located in the southern part of Lemoyne, and the Bluewater Marsh, which is home to several exotic animals and plants. Additionally, players can visit the abandoned town of Rhodes, which is located in the northern part of the region.

What is the climate like in Lemoyne on the Red Dead Redemption 2 world atlas map?

Lemoyne is a region that experiences a humid subtropical climate in Red Dead Redemption 2. The region is known for its hot and humid summers, which are often accompanied by frequent thunderstorms. Winters in Lemoyne are mild and wet, with occasional snowfall in some areas. The region is also prone to flooding, especially during the spring and summer months. The climate in Lemoyne plays a significant role in the gameplay, as it affects the behavior of animals and the overall atmosphere of the region. Players should be prepared for unpredictable weather conditions when exploring this region in the game.

What are some tips for exploring Lemoyne on the Red Dead Redemption 2 world atlas map?

Exploring Lemoyne can be a challenging but rewarding experience for players in Red Dead Redemption 2. To make the most of their time in the region, players should come prepared with appropriate weapons, gear, and supplies. The swamps of Lemoyne are home to several dangerous animals, including alligators, snakes, and panthers, so players should be cautious when traveling through these areas. Additionally, players should take advantage of the region\’s diverse wildlife and fish species by hunting and fishing for food and crafting materials. Finally, players should take the time to explore all of the region\’s landmarks and complete all of the missions and side quests available in Lemoyne to fully experience all that the region has to offer.

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