Red Dead Redemption 2: Guide to the Wanted System – Crimes and Bounty

This is a guide to Red Dead Redemption 2 that explains the crimes that are punishable and what to do once a bounty is placed on you. The Wanted System in the game is quite complex and it can be difficult to understand due to the many rules that govern it.

In this chapter of the RDR2 guide, we will explain how to avoid legal conflicts and death from legal guards, as well as how to deal with your wanted level. We will cover the most important types of crime, how a crime can be connected with Arthur, the effects of recording a crime, and getting rid of the bounty and wanted level.

  • The most important types of crime
  • How a crime can be connected with Arthur?
  • Effects of recording a crime
  • Getting rid of the bounty and wanted level

The most important types of crime

Red Dead Redemption 2 has many different types of crime that Arthur can commit. The most important of these are assaulting an innocent person or law officer, murder of an innocent person or law officer, hitting someone while travelling on horseback, stealing from somebody, theft in a public place, theft of a horse, robbery of a shop, bank, stagecoach, or train, trespassing and entering forbidden locations, and killing domesticated animals such as dogs or cows. These crimes can result in serious consequences for Arthur.

How a crime can be connected with Arthur?

There are two main mechanics related to the detection of crimes in Red Dead Redemption 2. The first is the presence of witnesses in the place where the law was broken. They will be automatically alerted if a crime has occurred in their field of vision. However, witnesses can also arrive late to the crime scene, after they have heard the sounds of fighting.

If Arthur is identified as the perpetrator of a crime, the witness will flee to alert the guardians of the law. To stop witnesses, Arthur can chase them down and either kill them, make a warning shot, or use a lasso. However, this method may not work in locations where many people are present, such as in cities.

If a crime is witnessed by multiple people, it is best to escape immediately to avoid being caught. Moving away from the scene before it is discovered can also help to avoid being linked to the crime. Using a bandana to cover the face can reduce the risk of being identified, but it is not foolproof. It is important to avoid fighting with law officers and instead focus on escaping the red circle around the crime scene and losing any pursuers. Surrendering and going to prison is a possible solution, but only if the crime is not serious and done before the law officers attack. This could result in losing some of the hero\’s cash. The Bounty for catching the hero will increase and could lead to potential trouble with law officers or bounty hunters later in the game. Alternative headgear can also be purchased to help hide the hero\’s identity.

Eliminating Your Bounty and Wanted Level

Escaping from law enforcement may not be enough to feel triumphant because you still have a bounty to pay for all the crimes you committed. The bounty is applicable in the state where the offense occurred, which can result in problems when encountering guards or bounty hunters, and it also prohibits some activities. For instance, you cannot receive orders to hunt for escapees or enjoy a quick stagecoach ride. In severe cases, all shops and businesses in a specific city may close for a certain time period due to a series of serious crimes.

The solution to eliminate your bounty is to pay the fine, which can be done by visiting the post office located at each railway station. You can only pay the fine for one state or all the states where you committed the crimes.


1. What is the Wanted System in Red Dead Redemption 2?

The Wanted System in Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game mechanic that tracks the crimes committed by the player character, Arthur Morgan. When the player commits a crime, such as robbery or murder, witnesses or law enforcement officers may report the crime to the authorities. This will cause the player to become Wanted, and a bounty will be placed on their head. The higher the bounty, the more difficult it will be for the player to evade law enforcement officers.

2. How can I avoid becoming Wanted in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Players can avoid becoming Wanted by refraining from committing any crimes. However, this can be difficult, as the game encourages players to engage in outlaw activities. If a player does commit a crime, they can try to avoid being seen by witnesses or law enforcement officers. This can be done by wearing a bandana or mask, or by hiding the player\’s identity in some other way. If the player is seen committing a crime, they can try to evade law enforcement officers by fleeing the area or by hiding until the Wanted level decreases.

3. How can I get rid of my Wanted status in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Players can get rid of their Wanted status by either paying off their bounty or by serving time in jail. To pay off a bounty, the player must visit a post office and pay the amount owed. To serve time in jail, the player must allow themselves to be captured by law enforcement officers and then spend a set amount of time in jail. The amount of time spent in jail will depend on the severity of the crimes committed. Once the player has paid off their bounty or served their time in jail, their Wanted status will be removed.

4. What happens if I ignore my Wanted status in Red Dead Redemption 2?

If a player ignores their Wanted status and continues to commit crimes, their Wanted level will increase. This will cause law enforcement officers to become more aggressive in their pursuit of the player. The player may also encounter bounty hunters, who will attempt to capture the player and collect the bounty. If the player is killed while Wanted, they will respawn with a higher Wanted level, making it even more difficult to evade law enforcement officers.

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