Red Dead Redemption 2: Angelo Bronte, a Man of Honor – step-by-step guide

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As part of the Jack ordeal, you, Dutch, and John head to Angelo\’s mansion to negotiate the release of the boy. In this guide, we\’ll take you through the complete Angelo Bronte, a Man of Honor story quest in Red Dead Redemption 2.

The next chapter of our Red Dead Redemption 2 walkthrough covers the Angelo Bronte, a Man of Honor quest. It\’s time to save Jack, and you\’ll do so by negotiating with Angelo at his manor, alongside Dutch and John.

How to Unlock: Complete \”The Joys of Civilization\” mission.

Walkthrough: With Dutch and John, head to Bronte manor. When the cut-scenes end, the quest will start. Proceed to the cemetery and keep moving forward until you hear a dog barking. Follow the sound and interact with the dog.

Return to the main path and continue forward. Turn left and cross the graves. You\’ll run into a drunkard near the edge of the cemetery. Meeting the dog and the drunkard will earn you a gold medal.

Get back on the main path and keep going. You\’ll hear strange noises – follow them to the tomb and get ready for a shootout with the cemetery hyenas. The enemies are few and will hide in the fog, so keep an eye out. You need to get four headshots to complete the secret objective.

After the fight, follow John and take the loot from the tomb. Sheriff\’s men will appear, and your task is to escape from the cemetery.

After the cut-scene, follow John and turn left at the junction. Keep sprinting until the guards get too close. Continue down the path until a guard blocks your way. Turn left and enter the grave to bypass the guard.

When you pass the bluecoat, return to the path and stick to it. You\’ll reach two guards standing at the entrance gate. Move closer to eavesdrop on their conversation.

Hide in the recess and wait for the guard to pass, then run towards the exit, mount your horse, and head to Angelo Bronte\’s place. After rescuing Jack, return to your camp to complete the mission successfully.

How to Get a Gold Medal in the Angelo Bronte, a Man of Honor Mission?

  1. Meet the dog and the drunkard – Follow the instructions in the guide above.

  2. Avoid being noticed by the police – Refer to the escape guide above.

  3. Complete the mission in under 10 minutes and 40 seconds – You\’ll need to be quick, as with many missions in RDR2.

  4. Get four headshots – Use the Dead Eye to kill enemies immediately.


1. Who is Angelo Bronte and what is his role in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Angelo Bronte is a prominent character in Red Dead Redemption 2. He is an Italian crime lord who runs a powerful criminal empire in Saint Denis. Bronte is known for his charm, intelligence, and cunning nature. He plays a crucial role in the game\’s storyline, as he is responsible for several pivotal events that shape the protagonist\’s journey. Bronte is a man of honor, but his loyalty lies with his own interests, and he is not afraid to betray anyone who stands in his way.

2. What is the mission involving Angelo Bronte?

The mission involving Angelo Bronte is called \”Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten\”. This mission is one of the game\’s most memorable moments, as it takes the player on a thrilling journey through the city of Saint Denis. The mission involves the protagonist, Arthur Morgan, and his gang, seeking revenge against Bronte for betraying them. The mission is challenging, as Bronte\’s gang is heavily armed and will stop at nothing to protect their boss. The player must use all of their skills and tactics to defeat Bronte and his men.

3. What are the consequences of killing Angelo Bronte?

There are several consequences of killing Angelo Bronte. Firstly, the player will receive a substantial reward for completing the mission. Bronte\’s death will also have a significant impact on the game\’s storyline, as it will lead to further conflicts between the protagonist\’s gang and rival criminal organizations. Additionally, killing Bronte will result in negative honor points for the player, as Bronte is a man of honor, and his death will be seen as an act of betrayal.

4. What is the significance of Angelo Bronte\’s character in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Angelo Bronte\’s character is significant in Red Dead Redemption 2, as he represents the corrupt and dangerous world of organized crime. Bronte is a complex character, as he possesses both admirable qualities, such as his intelligence and charm, and despicable traits, such as his willingness to betray anyone for his own benefit. Bronte\’s character highlights the game\’s themes of honor, loyalty, and the consequences of one\’s actions. His role in the game\’s storyline adds depth and complexity to the game\’s narrative, making it an unforgettable experience for players.

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