Red Dead Redemption 2: Ambarino – World Atlas Map

This page provides a map of the Ambarino area in Red Dead Redemption 2, including cities like Rhodes and Shady Belle. The map also shows the tasks available in this region.

Key Points of Red Dead Redemption 2 – Atlas – Ambarino

The map displays:

  • Important locations
  • Starting points for Stranger missions
  • Unique secret locations

Important locations on the map:

  1. Colter
  2. Wapiti Indian Reservation

Starting points for Stranger missions:

  1. Flaco Hernandez (gunslinger from The Noblest of Man, and a Woman mission)
  2. The Veteran I
  3. The Veteran II-IV

The Ambarino region is located in the northern part of the map and is the least populated area. The harsh weather conditions and lack of proper roads make it difficult to navigate. It is also home to Cigarette Cards, Dinosaur Bones, and Legendary Animal lairs.

General Information about Ambarino

  1. The game starts in Ambarino, with Dutch\’s gang hideout in Colter during Chapter 1.
  2. The majority of Ambarino is covered in snow, making the temperature low, and the mountains and wildlife dangerous.
  3. Wapiti Indian Reservation is located in the west and is visited during the main storyline in Chapter 6. It is a neutral location where Arthur cannot use weapons and may find loot, such as the Dynamite Arrow pamphlet.

The Most Important Locations in Ambarino

  1. Colter – the abandoned mining town that is the first gang hideout during Chapter 1.
  2. Wapiti Indian Reservation – visited during the main storyline in Chapter 6 and a source of loot.

Hunting Wild Animals in Ambarino

The mountains and forests in Ambarino are home to various animals, including predators like wolves and bears.

Unique animal species found in this region:

  1. Bear – also found in West Elizabeth
  2. Wolf – also found in West Elizabeth

Side Missions Available in Ambarino

One of the side quests available in Ambarino is The Veteran. Locations related to this quest are marked on the map, with the first part happening near the road and the rest unlocking near the veteran\’s cabin.

The Top Hidden Locations to Explore in Ambarino

Discover the secret and unique locations in Ambarino worth exploring. The list includes Easter eggs, unusual locations with unique loot, and hidden spots marked with yellow dots.

1) Robot (Automaton). After completing \”A Bright Bouncing Boy,\” the robot may appear on the mountain. To find it, you must also return to Marko Dragic\’s laboratory in the northern part of New Hanover and locate the man\’s corpse inside the building.

2) Martha\’s Swain Cabin. Inside, you can find a mirror (a gift) and the Rusted Hunter Hatchet.

3) Mammoth. The animal\’s skeleton is located in the snow.

4) Adler Ranch. This location is visited during the first mission of the game and can be revisited later to collect missed loot.

5) Witch Cabin. In addition to a large cauldron, there is also some loot. Drinking the contents of the cauldron will cause your character to lose consciousness and wake up in a forest.

6) Ancient Tomahawk. This unique melee weapon is lodged in a shield.

7) Mount Hagen. Here, you can find one of the Rock Carvings and a frozen settler with a unique headwear – the Morion Helmet.

8) Cave with Strange Statues. This complex location is described on one of the pages in our guide, and the Mysterious Hill House Easter egg is located nearby.

9) Derailed Wagon. Reaching this location is challenging, but inside, you can discover money, valuables, and unique elixirs.

10) Dodd\’s Bluff Cabin. Inside, you can find the Hunter Hatchet and other items.

11) Straw Moonstone Pond. On the southern shore, the Hewing Hatchet is located, and inside the nearby cabin, you can find the Homing Tomahawk pamphlet.


1. What is Ambarino in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Ambarino is one of the five fictional states in the game Red Dead Redemption 2, set in the year 1899. It is located in the snowy and mountainous region of the game\’s world map, situated in the northwest part of the map. The state is known for its harsh weather conditions, with snow and blizzards being a frequent occurrence. It is also home to Grizzlies East and Grizzlies West, two of the game\’s most dangerous areas.

2. What can you find in Ambarino in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Ambarino is home to several locations and landmarks, including the town of Annesburg, where players can sell their goods and purchase supplies. Players can also find the frozen lake called Barrow Lagoon, where they can fish for unique species of fish. Additionally, players can explore the abandoned mining town of Colter, which serves as a hideout for the game\’s main characters in the early stages of the game. The state is also home to several hunting grounds, where players can hunt for various animals such as rabbits, squirrels, and elk.

3. How does Ambarino compare to other states in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Ambarino is one of the game\’s least explored states, due to its harsh weather conditions and dangerous wildlife. However, it offers some of the game\’s most beautiful and unique landscapes, such as the snow-covered mountains and frozen lakes. In terms of gameplay, Ambarino offers a different experience compared to other states, with the focus being more on survival and exploration rather than fast-paced action.

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